Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mass Effect: He who laughs best

As part of free comic book day this special Mass Effect story was released to comic book stores worldwide. This is the first time I've picked up a FCBD copy (there have been Star Wars editions before now) because being UK based it obviously costs a lot for my local comic company to order them and then distribute them for free.

New Characters

General Invectus
Species: Turian
Sex: Male
Occupation: Turian General

Invectus was tasked with inaugurating the Normandy SR-1, a joint human-turian effort, that would become the famous flagship of Commander Shepard. Invectus's presence as the sole representative of the turian race was heralded as a sign of trust between the two races.


The main character of the story is Jeff "Joker" Moreau. A qualified pilot with impressive records, he is held back from his dream of flying a ship because of his physical condition (brittle bone disease). Tasked with being Invectus's shuttle pilot he brags about how he should pilot the ship and is shot down by Invectus, who also judges him as a cripple. With no resort left Joker steals the Normandy, due to take it's time trials near Arcturus Station. Joker outruns and evades fighter pursuit, still managing to complete the course in record time. Impressed by his talents as a pilot, Invectus recommends him for the job of Normandy pilot.

A nifty little backstory that was fun to have as part of free comic book day.

Next up: Halo!

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