Saturday, 12 May 2007

The history of the future - Matrix Online

This is just a quick post for any fans of the Matrix to give you a few links to aid you in finding out what happens after the end of the third film. Well the story continued in an interactive online game - The Matrix Online. The Matrix Online takes place in the turbulent days following the truce between Man and Machine. Despite the end of the war, the Matrix has been far from peacful. New enemies have sprung up, former allies have turned away and great leaders have been lost. Even now, two years on we are still plagued by hostilities and dangerous events have caused the sky to turn blood red and the Matrix itself to become unstable. Want to find out what happens or catch up on events - these links may help

Data Node One - The official game website, complete with news, game info and logs of events going on in the Matrix recorded on the forums

Cinematic Downloads - A player has linked to all the ingame cinematics which will help to tell the story of what's been happening in the Matrix.

MxO Story - A good website providing storyline information and links to other excellent fansites.


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