Saturday, 5 May 2007

I hate Lucasarts!!!/ A "Groundbreaking" new game!

Why do I hate Lucasarts? Why do I hate the company that provides videogamers with an experience of the star wars universe. Why do I hate the company that creates games like Knights of the Old Republic and LEGO Star Wars? Why would I hate the creators of possibly my favourite Star Wars character Kyle Katarn, star of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games? Why - because I'm a PC gamer that's why and Lucasarts seem intent on shutting us out. Lucasarts once made great games for PC players as well as console gamers, the aformenetioned RPGs were available on PC as well as other consoles, as well as strategy games exclusive to PC like the excellent Empire at War and it's expansion. But now they've decided that PC players for some reason no longer like RPGs and all their new releases are console exclusives, which is extremely irritating for a big Star Wars fan and gamer who now can't enjoy their latest releases. Let's review...

Episode 3, the game (PS2 and X-box only)

Thrillville - Lucasart's new easy themepark maker (PS2 and X-box only)

Lethal Alliance (PSP and DS only)

Indiana Jones - (PS3 and X-box 360 only)

The Force Unleashed - (Next-Gen and Portables only)

And now Fracture, a fantastic new original Sci-Fi game is also console exclusive - I ain't happy!! However, the game does look good and it is Sci-Fi so I will do my best to remain dispassionate as I look at it.

The game is set in 2161 where ecological faliure has destroyed the central portion of the United States, leaving two seperate nations struggling and warring for survival. One, the Atlantic Alliance uses cybernetics and an alliance with Europe to progress and survive. The other, the Republic of Pacifica use genetic engineering and ties with Asia to maintain their edge. Both sides resent the technologies and allies of the other.

As tensions lead to all out war between the two superhuman armies one soldier is placed in the middle of it - Mason Briggs a soldier for the Alliance who uses terrain deformation (noun - a technology developed in the year 2090. Soldiers utilize special weaponry to reshape the earth to their own strategicl advantage) to raise the earth for a better view, create tremors or turn the ground into a vortex which sucks in his opponents.

The game is due in 2008 and looks promising the time and setting are realistic and based on present day technologies which could be taken out of control in a century or so, as well as the global weather changing which initiates the conflict.

So keep your eyes out for Fracture comin next year...if you've got a PS3 you lucky so and so!

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WelshEd said...

There is a simple solution to this my friend, buy a Wii - cheap and ace. Come on, you know you want to. Give in to the Dark Side of the console/pc war lol.
Tis true though, and shameful that the awesome potential of the pc is not being utilised. People kick up a fuss about the ps3's capabilties, the pc already had it and more! And considering a ps3's price the statement 'good pc's are too expensive' isn't really a valid point anymore. I suppose they aren't as user friendly to first timers, but then who is a first timer these days?