Tuesday, 8 May 2007

It's all about HALO

This coming year will be a video game bonanza for the original Sci-Fi genre HALO, featuring a swathe of new releases set to keep it on the video game map for time to come. Considering that only two games have been released thus far the games have ammassed an interest and a fan base that rivals much larger game releases such as the Tom Clancy games and Metal Gear Solid. With more releases on the way across multiple media HALO is set to make it's mark in 2007 through 2008.

The first release will be HALO 2 on PC, though Bill Gates has given me another reason to despise him by making it exclusive to Vista!! The bigger release will be HALO 3 on X-box 360 (none of the new games will be on PC, and when they do come out they will probably also be Vista so I'll try and restrain myself in speaking about them!) sometime around autumn. HALO 2's in depth storyline featuring a chance to take on the role of a member of the Covenant, humanity's sworn enemies was cut short in an ending the left fans frustrated and wanting more - HALO 3 gives player the opportunity to go and (as the Master Chief put it) "Finish the fight." The game promises to resolve all the battles and mysteries from both games in an epic fight to the finish.

The third release will be a new step for HALO in that it will be a strategy game. For the first time players will be able to control tanks, warthogs, fighters and even the legendary SPARTANS in a large scale confrontation against the Covenant marking the beginning stages of the war. Little is known about how the game will work, little has been released other than concept art and a preview cinematic featuring amazing graphics.

There is also an unnamed HALO project in the works. Peter Jackson is developing his own games company and will develop it in conjunction with Bungie, the original creators of HALO. Little else is known about this project.

HALO's strength is that it has managed to quickly spread out into other media. A new comic book series called HALO Uprising is seemigly set around the events of HALO 3 and features the Master Chief and a look at events in the cities affected by the war. Halo already boasts a novelization of the game and three independent novels set around the events of the two games as well as a Graphic Novel featuring short stories set in the HALO universe.

If that wasn't enough there is also a HALO Movie in production, Peter Jackson is involved, but the production has been plagued by several delays so it is difficult to get accurate information on what will happen. The film is currently on hold and little else is known for definite.

Well that's what's going on in HALO. If you don't know what HALO is then you've probably stumbled on to the wrong blog, but if you're still interested I found the Halopedia useful in providing information.

I also saw Spiderman 3 today so I'll pop up a review soonish unless someone beats me to it.

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