Saturday, 27 October 2007

Species of the week #6 - Luxan

As I have stated previously I am something of a casual fan of Farscape and have been out of touch with the series for some time. However I do recall vividly sitting down to give this new Sci-Fi thing a whirl. One of the things that impressed me most was D'Argo, a warrior of the Luxan race. The species had the classic "human but different" stylings of Star Trek species, but at the same time were wildly distinctive. The further I got into the story I felt they had more in common with Wookies than Klingons.


Designation: Sentient
Homeworld: Luxan Territories
Average Height: 5'6"-6'6"

Most of what I know about Luxans comes from D'Argo so I guess I'll be referring to him a lot. But everything about him, from his looks, his strength to his sword that doubles as a rifle this guy just screams originality and cool. What worked for the series too was that each of the characters was an exile and while exibiting traits of their species could not reliably be counted on as typical of them. Put simply you were interested in the character more than his race, which is a good thing. But of course it is nice to know where characters come from so I will detail the nature of the Luxan race. This will inevitably borrow heavily from the Farscape Wiki.

The Luxans are a proud warrior race. Their heads are adorned with armoured noses and heavy tentacles. They also have the ability to unleash a sting with their tongue, leaving them never without a defense. Lead by spiritual leaders called Oricans they have a deep sense of honour and will see a fight through and will never abandon an ally. They have been allies with the genetically similar Ilanics for a long time, aiding them in their war against the Scorvians. But a recent alliance with the Peacekeepers against the Scarrans may not be honoured by those they bargained with.

OK, I'm already copying enough as it is so I'll leave it there for now - I hope you got a sense of my respect for this race if not very much information on them!!

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