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Star Wars Legacy - The New Jedi Order

Having finished my reviews of the Sith that rule the galaxy I know move on to cover the deposed guardians of the peace and justice - the Jedi Knights. Founded by Luke Skywalker the order has grown over a hundred years to a powerful order that numbers in the thousands. The Jedi helped protect peace and justice in the Galactic Alliance. They were dedicated to helping those in need until one act of charity turned against them. They decided to help their former enemies, the Yuuzhan Vong integrate themselves into the galaxy by having them use their biological 'shaping' skills to repair devastated worlds. The Sith saw this as an opportunity and sabotaged the project, giving a cause for war and a way to gain power. Now many of the Jedi are fallen, the rest are scattered to the stars hunted by Sith and Bounty Hunters alike.

Active Members

Wolf Sazen

Species: Zabrak
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Iridonia(?)
Position: Jedi Master
First Appearance: Legacy #1 (Broken, part 1)

One of the foremost leaders of the New Jedi Order, Wolf seeks to reunite the Jedi against the Sith, and he strongly believes this should be under the one remaining Skywalker - his former apprentice Cade. Trained by Kol Skywalker he became a Jedi Master and remained a close friend of Kol, fighting alongside him when Ossus fell. During the battle Wolf lost his arm and war brought to the brink of death, but was saved by Cade's extraordinary healing power. After his apprentice was lost Wolf went into hiding, but after seven years felt the call to find Skywalker and reunite the Jedi. He found Cade, but Cade has since fallen into the hands of the Sith.

Shado Vao

Species: Twi'lek
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Vendaxa
Position: Jedi Knight
First Appearance: Legacy #1 (Broken, part 1)

Shado is a dedicated Jedi Knight who has few equals in lightsaber combat. Formerly apprenticed to Kol Skywalker he has sinced gained his knighthood and now travels with Wolf Sazen, reluctantly aiding him in his quest to return Cade Skywalker to the Jedi Order. While unsure of Wolf's quest he is also sick of hiding and relishes opportunities to fight against the Sith.


Species: Whiphid
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Toola
Position: Senior Jedi Master
First Appearance: Jedi Council: Acts of War

K'Kruhk is a Master from the Old Times, serving the Jedi Order before the Old Republic fell. He served from a young age, playing a part in many conflicts. When the Clone Wars began he served, but had many doubts, though he saw the war through. Thought dead after Order 66 he actually survived and remained hidden for some time. Eventually he rejoined the Jedi Order but was again forced into exile as a Sith took control of the galaxy once again. He hid on his homeworld of Toola, but felt a calling in the force and returned to Ossus to find Cade Skywalker. Along with Wolf and Shado he helped retrain Cade, but expressed doubts. Somehow R2-D2 had fallen into his hands and he gave the droid to Cade as it was a "family posession." K'Kruhk agreed to remain on Ossus to safeguard what remained of the Jedi artifacts there.


In a dark galaxy few are willing to aid those wanted by the Sith. But the Jedi do have some allies, and they are unusual allies in general. Some are willing to offer passage or shelter, remembering what the Jedi have done as a force for good. But there is one group who are dedicated to helping them - formerly their bitterest enemies, the Yuuzhan Vong.

Nei Rin

Species: Yuuzhan Vong
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Zonama Sekot
Position: Master Shaper
First Appearance: Legacy#11 (Ghost, part 1)

Raised in a time of peace, but reminded of the time when her forefathers invaded and conquered a galaxy that still hated their race, Nei Rin gladly accepted an opportunity to bring peace between the galaxy and her kind. A skilled 'shaper' capable of manipulating life forms she was brought in to use her skills to change worlds devastated by war and other causes. She first changed Ossus, a world still reeling from a devastation several thousand years old. Ossus was transformed into a lush paradise and soon worlds were clamouring for the help of the Yuuzhan Vong. But the Sith sabotaged the project causing horrifict mutations on the inhabitants and the galaxy turned to war. Her homeworld, equipped with massive hyperdrive engines, fled- leaving her stranded. She sought evidence of what happened, but by the time she gathered it the Sith had destroyed the Jedi. She and her guardians went into hiding until Jedi returned to Ossus.

After the attack on Ossus it was estimated that half the Jedi still lived, though that will have dwindled since it still means that hundreds, if not thousands of Jedi remain in hiding, waiting for their time to fight back.

Well that'll do for now, like with the Sith I'll do another article about those who have fallen.

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