Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Bionic Woman

If you aren't already aware a new series of Bionic Woman has come to ITV 2. Starring former UK soap star Michelle Ryan as Jaime Sommers a barmaid involved in a horrific accident who finds herself rebuilt and upgraded by her scientist boyfriend. But, of course, this isn't gonna be super powered plain sailing for Jaime. The company who rebuilt her want to use her as a military asset and she also clashes with Sarah, the first bionic woman, who is out to kill her boyfriend and will stop at nothing to get her, as yet unknown, goals fulfilled.

The pilot draws you in quite well, but the episode doesn't have much that you can't quickly catch up on in the "previously on" bit of the next episode so you should be fine to jump on board next week. Not too much of the plot has been revealed yet, we have yet to learn much of the company behind Jaime's rebuild or much at all about the character or their goals.

The series is defined by good performances. Michelle Ryan portrays a convincing American (enough to convince Americans so it must be good) and a good character too, her reactions to the events she goes through are believable. Another good performance comes from Katee Sackhoff, of Battlestar Galactica fame. In portraying the vilain she manages to create a new and believable persona, leaving no traces of her Starbuck character - hair and makeup did a good job of redefining her as the bad guy too.

All in all, worth a look I'd say - s'on Tuesdays 9pm ITV 2

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