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Doctor Who - New Series, new species part 9

Ok so a bundle of new Torchwood episodes have slipped by before I even realised and it's now time for another article I'd say. In general I think the standards of the episodes have improved and while I think the relationships between the cast still change like an Eastenders episode on steroids there has been something of a depth to the series of late, with Rhys being brought in on things, Martha Jones' arrival and the recent death of Owen Harper have given the show more realism and bit which I commend.

OK, onto those pesky aliens, ok no official names again, but since the team haven't travelled time and space for centuries I think it does make things a bit more believable if they don't know every alien on sight.

Cash Cow

I thought this creature was clever and well used, and the ides of regenerative powers being used to gain a never ending meat supply was original and bold I thought. The CG work was well done and the creature's eyes were particularly well detailed. My only misgiving is that the final reveal of it's full shape made it seem a bit too whale like, but that can be argued away by the fact that if it were too alien the meat packers would have been more curious so overall I'd say a pretty convincing alien.

Cash Cow is a crude term to describe an alien that was beached near Cardiff then exploited by local meat merchants. The being was similar in size and vaguely in shape to a whale, but it posessed qualities defining it as extra terrestrial. The first was extraordinary regenerative abilities, when injured the creature repidly grew back missing or damaged flesh. This was used by those who found it to create a never ending supply of meat, no matter how much they cut, it kept growing back. The other quality was discovered by the Torchwood team when they investigated, thei experienced minds looked into it's eyes and saw a sentient creature, intelligent and siffering under man's cruelty. Attempts to save it failed and in the end it was destroyed out of mercy. It can only be hoped that this has not damaged any future relations between the species and Earth.


Adam was a great character and the episode was used well to bring out more from the crew, especially Jack who delved into memories of his past in the Boeshane Peninsula. The writer's effectively showed both a side of sympathy for him as he struggles to survive, but also his villainy as he corrupts and warps the team members to his will and by the end you feel sorrow for him, but also knowledge that the right thing has been done as he died.

Adam was a unique creature that thrived on memories by intergrating himself into the minds of others and feeding off their unique memories. Adam may or may not have been a unique creature, but since the only defence against him was to erase him from memory it may be difficult to tell if any other have appeared. Adam spoke of the void, this may have been the void between universes or he may have been referring to non-corporeal existance in either case he does not exist in our world, but by latching onto powerful memories such as Jack's he was able to bring himself into existence even to the extent of having a physical body. He was extremely manipulative, making one character fall in love with him and another believe he was a serial killer to suit his interests. He spoke as if he'd done it before so he'd clearly entered physical existance previously but how and when were unrevealed. When Torchwood discovered the plot they erased him from all their memories returning him to nothingness once more.


The Mayflies were cool and much more than the standard alien bug villain they appeared to be in the series trailer. The idea of them curing human deseases, but carrying the risk of death was again unique and original. The episode was a highlight for me because not only di Martha Jones make an appearance, but also Alan Dale of many american big hit dramas also appeared as the villain.

The Mayflies were so named because of their resemblance to the earth species of insect. These creatures were vastly different to their namesakes however, firstly by being able to grow big enough to tower over a human. Their second property, however, was much more interesting. When in their larval, miscroscopic phase they could inhabit a human body and while doing so cure any diseases or imperfections in it,. This attracted the attention of the Pharm, an experimental agency that used aliens, including a Weevil, to try and create products for their own benefit. The Mayfly's ability to cure the unbcurable attracted many volunteer patients, but the mayflies wanted to continue inhabiting their human hosts, causing death when they choose to devour their host. To cover this imperfection the Pharm sent a hitman to kill the patient by injecting poison that would kill them and wipe out the mayflies. The Pharm was eventually shut down by Torchwood, and the mayflies and other aliens killed to end their suffering under the pharm's experiments.

And that's it till a few week's time

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