Thursday, 20 March 2008

Smith returns! again!!

Yes Agent Smith is back and he's scorchin'! While defeated by Neo and the Machines, such a powerful code can never be completely erradicated and while smith hasn't managed to fully reurrect himself, his virus code has become active causing weaker programs dubbed "Smithlings" (above) who bear his image and a little of his power...and who are also on fire! to hunt redpills across the Matrix. More powerful elements of his virus code are also at work however, bearing his ability to turn other into himself and bearing more potent amounts of his code to appear also and if they aren't stopped there could be trouble.

Smith also made an appearance in last year's event (see my slightly in character review HERE) and this year is set to be much of the same, you can't keep a good old villain down!! But the Oracle is on hand to stop him and has cooked up some treats to help operatives defend themselves and also take the fight to Smith himself. So if you missed last years event or want to get a taste of Smith in action then maybe you might just fancy getting the Matrix Online where you can experience all this and more on your PC.

As with last year there are rewards for those who take up the fight against Smith, as well as some tasty treats from the Oracle's kitchen players can expect the return of the twelve t-shirts available as rewards from last year bearing various slogans or one bearing the face of Smith. In addition to this there will be some new rewards, including new t-shirts, some of which seem to be gender specific...

While some may be dissapointed at getting a similar event as last year's, one cannot blame the development team who've been very busy creating a brilliant storyline and even added a whole new area to the game (and not an expansion you have to pay for) in recent weeks. And heck, you can't get enough of Smith right?!! So come on down to the digital city, where the grass is code and the girls are pretty and check out a great adventure coming your war. The virus returns later today in fact and will be around for a few weeks following so get in quick!

If you want to know more about the Matrix Online the THIS POST has links to relevant sites where you can find more and even download the game.

I think I need to do more to promote one of my favourite games so look out for more Matrix Based stuff in the near future.

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