Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Matrix Online: State of Affairs

I think it's high time I did a bit of plugging for an online game I've been playing for most of it's three year run now. This game gives the continuing story of the Matrix following on from when the truce between man and Machine was made at the end of Matrix Revolutions. It's not the biggest of online games nor the most popular, but it is a great game and if you're a fan of the movie trilogy and fancy getting a bit more involved in the world you see on screen then this game might be worth a shot.

I've decided to plug it as best I can by detailing the things you can enjoy in-game, but first I think I should let you catch up on the storyline of the game. This is no simple task as there is a lot of story to catch up on, and there's no way that I can hope to get it all, but I'll give a brief overview along with my thoughts and links to more detailed review pages which will help you get caught up if you want to join the story - of course this info will contain SPOILERS and I'll post up warnings for a bit, but heck if you're three years behind it's not exactly doing you any harm is it?!!

OK I don't have time to cover one of the chapters now, so what I'll do is briefly set the scene following on from the movies and leading up to the game, most of it will be fairly obvious, but it will give you some idea of what to expect if by some leap of chance I've persuaded you to get on board.

By defeating Smith Neo won peace for humanity at the cost of his own life, though many doubted and some still doubt whether he died at all. Given relief from Machine attacks Zion were able rebuild and a significant amount of new redpills were freed from the simulation, unhindered under the loose terms of the truce. Transport Hovercraft were reserviced to house these new additions and newer "Hoverbarge" transports were commisioned to house large numbers of redpills before they found a crew.

A vast new array of combat programs were created allowing redpills and exiles to experience new abilities. However the amount of new humans made them short in supply, so a training system was created so that humans could specialize in one or two ability types, and change them at will. Various hand to hand and weapons combat techniques were available and refined but new and more varying abilities became available. Hackers could launch dangerous viral programs to damage or disable enemy targets or restorations programs to heal friendly members. Coders could craft items from weaponry to clothing out of the code of the Matrix or launch attacks and even intelligent defense programs known as "simulacra."

Perhaps the most significant development for humans was the Emergency Jackout Protocol.It was developed by Danielle Wright, a former Zion operative who had seperated from the city because of differing ideals and set up a company in the Matrix called Wright Research, which employed many bluepills and worked on special projects. The EJP allowed redpill to instantaneously jackout upon "death" in the Matrix, saving their lives though they remain weak for some time. Most redpills will probably owe their lives to this development, which is very hard to get around for those who want to permanantly neutralize a human target.

The influx of new humans made new possibilities for others too. The Machines and the Merovingian began recruiting the awakened into their folds and soon this developed into three political factions for humanity, each watching the others closely, wondering when chaos might strike between them...they wouldn't have to wait long.

I think that should do it for now, I'll try and get back soon with some more info, hope you enjoy!