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Star Wars Legacy - Cade Skywalker

SPOILER WARNING - if you haven't been reading my other articles be warned that this will reveal most of the Legacy storyline so if you want to know what happens for youself avoid this post and buy the first two graphic novels available now from amazon and other retailers.

A review on Legacy issues 20-21 is forthcoming, but I thought I should give you some thoughts on the Skywalker featuring prominently in this era of Star Wars continuity. So far I've discussed the Jedi and the Sith but Cade is someone who has danced to both tunes, is highly desired by both sides, but not sure he wants to be associated with either. So here's a brief look at the guy who carries on a famous name but iften wishes it wasn't his - Cade Skywalker

Early Years - Jedi Apprentice

Cade grew up in the Jedi Temple on Ossus under his father's wing and among an order that admired him as owning the name of their founder. Unknown to him his mother was Imperial Agent Morrigan Corde, also known as Moff Nyne Calixte and he was raised by his father alone amongst the Jedi Order. When he was old enough he took up training under his fathers former apprentice Wolf Sazen and became friends with Twi'lek apprentice Shado Vao with whom he would often sneak out of the temple into the undercity. Though often reckless he was accepted because of his name and because he was skilled in the force.

Massacre at Ossus - Bounty Hunter

But Cade's life was turned upside down when the Sith and Empire invaded the Jedi temple. Eager to fight on the front line he was sent away by his father who simply meant to buy time for the others to escape. Rescuing his master Cade felt the agony of his father's death and in this moment of despair found his true potential, tapping into the dark side he healed his master brom the brink of death. And far away, on his new throne Darth Krayt sensed this power and resolved to find it and use it for himself. Then he took his fighter to attack the Sith but was shot down, ending his time as a Jedi. He was captured by and later apprenticed to the pirate Rav who had come to pillage the temple. Hiding his identity as a Jedi Cade befriended Jariah Syn, a young crewmember and eventually struck out with him and a Zeltron named Deliah Blue in a ship of their own the Mynock. They were succesful as bounty hunter though heavy expenses and Cade's deathstick addiction kept them indebted to Rav. Then one bounty pushed Cade into a series of events that would change his life. Unintentionally they caught a Jedi and Cade turned him in so as not to expose his identity, but he would regret it for some time.

Vendaxa - Skirmish with the Sith.

After dropping off his bounty Cade took on board two passenger fleeing from the Sith. He guessed correctly that it was Marasiah Fel, princess of the Empire in exile and resolved to get a reward or a bounty for picking her up. When they dropped her off on the agreed meeting point of Vendaxa they encountered two Jedi, Cade's former master and Shado Vao who had come to pick up his sister, Marasiah's companion. Soon after an attack by the Sith followed, with Imperial Knights throwing themselves into the mix. To save himself and his friends Cade had to pick up his force powers and his lightsaber to fend of the Sith attacks and once again used his extraordinary powers to save Marasiah who had been wounded saving him from the Sith. The day had been saved, but his powers and identity were exposed and with Jariah mistrustful of Jedi Cade decided to walk his own path, dropping off the Jedi on the way.

Return to Ossus - Jedi training

After a bried stay on space station the Wheel, Cade moved on and decided to visit Ossus where he took a dangerous dose of deathsticks, but was healed by K'kruhk and met his Jedi friends who had followed him there. Reluctantly accepting their presence he decided to take up Jedi training to protect himself from the Sith who would doubtless try to track him down. He spent a few weeks in the company of friends and quickly took to the abilities he had left behind. He finally came to terms with what had happened at Ossus, but a vision left him with a new and dangerous purpose - he had a debt to settle.

Back to the Temple - Sith Apprentice

Cade returned to Coruscant to rescue the Jedi he had turned in. He found the Jedi, but was captured by the Sith. Darth Krayt forced him to demonstrate his power by healing his captured crewmates. Cade agreed to stay at the temple is his friends were released - Lord Krayt agreed. Cade trained at the temple for a long time, listening to Krayt's story and vision and learning to use new powers and thoughts. He even developed a close relationship with his teacher Darth Talon. However his compliance was a lie, his only true purpose was to rescue Hosk and absolve his conscience - Krayt knew if his deception, but let him continue, confident he would fall anyway. Eventually he called Cade out, and killed Hosk. Cade fought back, defeating both of Krayt's "hands" and holding off the Sith lord himself until his friends came to rescue him. Fleeing the temple he was reunited with his former crew and enjoys a safety which is sure to be too short.

Well that's it - Cade's extraordinary powers and his name have made him a target for both boog and evil force users. He has repeatedly stated he wants nothing to do with either side, but no one seems to listen and it looks like before too long Cade will have to face up to his destiny and take up the fight, but knowing him he'll find some way out of it!!

So that's it - Cade Skywalker, yeah you could have read it all on Wookiepedia, but I'm not here to give the details I'm here to introduce you to a fab set of characters from a great comic series so stay tuned for more coming your way. Next time: The Imperial Knights!!

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