Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Star Wars Legacy #20-21: Updates and Review

With Legacy 22 being released today and soon to be in my hands I thought it best to get on and review the two-part series "Indomitable." The series runs concurrently with the events of issues 18-19 and features a battle between the Empire and the Galactic Alliance remnant so not a lot to do with previously discussed elements but I'll quickly review these issues and touch on the new characters introduced briefly.

Sith Updates

Darth Azard

The second Quarren Sith to take centre stage in a Legacy storyline, interesting considering the political changeover the Sith enforced of Mon Calamari, putting the Quarrens in command over the Mon Cals. Azard came to enforce the will of Darth Krayt in the Outer Rim Third Fleet, tasked with hunting down Galactic Alliance Admiral Gar Stazi. He executed Sha Dun, the Admiral leading the fleet and placed Dru Valan, an Admiral who had a score to settle with Stazi, in charge of continuing to hunt the GA forces. Another interesting thing to note about him was that he carried a double bladed and curved lightsaber, which is not of a coral design that a lot of Sith seem to carry.

No references to the Jedi or Cade exist so I'll get on and give a quick summary of the issues.

Tasked with hunting Gar Stazi admiral Valan allows him to get word of a new larger and more powerful Star Destroyer, named Imperious, being constructed at the Mon Calamari shipyards. Stazi anticipated the Empire's involvement but went ahead with the plan, putting in measures to secure that Star Destroyer for his fleet. They went ahead with the plan, disabling the defenses and overpowering the crew of the Star Destroyer, but at the last minute Valan's mean recaptured the Star Destroyer and reactivated the defenses before jumping in his own fleet.

Outnumbered and outgunned, Stazi chose to fight, concentrating firepower on Valan's ship. Valan activated the planetary defenses, but they too fired on his ships as Stazi had found a way to redirect control. A commando team, disuised as Imperial crew, had once again gained control of the ship and took it out of the dock. Enraged, Valan focused on Stazi and a furious battle began until Stazi revealed his true game plan. Stazi did not consider himself a great figurehead as Valan thought he did, and prepared to ram his flagship into the shipyards, his true target. At the last minute his captain, Jaius Yorub, had him knocked out and performed the deed himself. Stazi recovered and took command of the Imperious leading the fleet as they prepared for the inevitable Sith retribution. Valan left his command in disgrace.

This story was cool as it introduced Rogue Squadron, piloting the controversial new GA fighter "Crossfire" we saw Hondo Karr, a former stormtrooper, on the decks of the Indomitable and some background references also to how the GA lost the war in the first place, all in all a great part of the Legacy story and with Darth Krayt's "Retribution" next issue this is gonna be a great side story before we return to the travels and adventure of Cade Skywalker in issue 23.

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