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Doctor Who - New Series, new species part 15

OK, it's been a while in coming, for which I apologise, but I'd kinda completely forgot about this post...what that says about Doctor Who is for you to interperet. I guess this blog is gonne be fairly quiet on the Who front for a while what with there only being specials and one of them featuring (groan) Cybermen. Anyway - best hurry up and look at some beasties hadn't we?

Mindnight Entity

I really liked this creature and the episode it featured in, it managed to be both intriguing and thrilling as well as more than a bit scary. The unknown element made it an even more fearsome opponent for the Doctor as he struggled to survive a nightmare scenario where the fears of man were used as a weapon against him.

Little is known about the Mindnight Entity, not even enough to satisfactorily confirm whether it exists at all or whether it was one creature or many or what. All that is known is that a 'shadow' was seen on the diamond planet Midnight, soon after something ripped open a shielded compartment on a tour vessel crossing the hazardous surface. Then something entered the hull without being seen and possessed one of the passengers, Sky Silvestry. The entity then copied everything the crew said without displaying any other emotion. It got faster and faster until it was speaking simultaneously and exactly what the crew were saying. It then latched onto the Doctor, only copying him until it eventually got ahead of the doctor and he was left absently repeating what it said as the crew pannicked and tried to kill him. Only the brave action of the stewardess saved the Doctor and destroyd the creature...perhaps.

Time Beetle

No satisfactory image and, well, you know what a beatle looks like anyway! I found it a bit dissapointing that the alien looked exactly like an earth beetle, but it was pretty cool nonetheless. I especially liked the link to the Trickster of SJA and see potential for more I stated earlier.

The time beetle was a creature that fed on chaos through causing minor changes in someone's life and feeding off the differences in time and space. It was assisted by a fortune teller whom it used to reel victims in. Even in the altered timeline it could be percieved by a few who would know that something was wrong but couldn't quite detect the beetle. It was defeated by Donna Noble who had Rose's help to change her timeline back, which killed the beetle. The Doctor then identified it as part of the "Trickster's Brigade" making it part of a very dangerous group, if it and it's leader are anything to go by.

Shadow Proclamation

OK so not actually the name for the race, but it's a bit better then "freaky red-eyed folks" I think! These guys were a massive dissapointment I felt as they'd been hammed up and mentioned lots and when they arrived their appearance was brief and underused. I had been hoping for a united multi-race battle against the Daleks, but instead we got a bunch of weird fortune tellers with an unimpressive Judoon military that never turned up again - I felt very much shortchanged by this lot.

A mysterious humanoid race lead the shadow proclamation in a hidden base, guarded by the Judoon forces. The race themselves seem to posess a good deal of knowledge and wisdom, though unlike many other races the did not know of the Doctor's existance and thought the Time Lords a myth. They posessed the skills to confirm the missing planets and their location, but as they prepared for war the Doctor left, preferring to find his own solution.


Just mentioning this for completeness really.

The Doctor hinted that some species of Bee weren't native to Earth and had been returning home, he used this to track Earth's location.

Well that's it, I must admit to being a little dissapointed by the conclusion, though it made a good episode and all that. I hope it's not too long before I can share some more cool aliens with you, but for now - tara!

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