Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Star Wars Vector, Chapter 2: Dark Times

Vector has jumped a few thousand years an continues it's tale in the times when the new Galactic Empire is in control of the Galaxy Far Far Away. As in last time this review has some spoilers hidden inside.

The second chapter of the multi-title spanning series "Vector" has concluded it's second chapter, somewhat shorter than the first segment "Dark Times" hold issues 5 and 6 of the series. You're probably a bit late to get in on the action by now, so I'll do you a favour and fill you in.

This story carries on both from the first chapter and also from existing Dark Times stories. In Dark Times so far a Jedi, Dass Jennir and his soldier friend Bomo find themselves sole survivors of an Imperial massacre, they board a ship called the Uhumele and find a friendly crew and go out to seek a way to save Bomo's family, but nothing goes quite right and there aren't too many happy faces in these stories...they are Dark times after all. If you want to catch up on Dark Times the stories so far have been collected in graphic novel format with volume one out and volume two out sometime this month, which will bring you right up to Vector.

The latter part of the story was about a mysterious crate that the crew were trying to sell, in Vector we find that the crate contains none other than Celeste Morne, ancient Jedi with an even older curse. Trapped for four thousand years she is rudely awakened when the crew are betrayed once again and Darth Vader shows up to collect the powerful Sith artifact. Celeste wakes up in disorientation to find that everyone she knew is dead, the Republic is no more and that the Sith, the enemies she swore to destroy are in control of the galaxy.

She launches into an attack against Vader, but there is another power at work - Karness Muur, a Sith Spirit residing in the powerful, plague-inducing talisman wrapped around Celeste's neck. Muur eggs Celeste on, eager to bring out the darkness in her, she refuses, but starts to lose the battle. Muur changes his mind deciding to support Vader and gain a more powerful body and mind to control. Finding herself losing she makes a terrible decision and takes hold of the power of the talisman for herself to the dismay of Muur. As her power spreads so does the Rakghoul plague, infecting all nearby humans. This handily takes care of Vader's clone troopers, causing him to retreat to his shuttle, but tragically also kills Crys Taanzer, crewmember of the Uhumele. As both ships depart Celeste is left alone with her mindless Rakghouls and an ancient Sith ghosts, satisfied that even though she's trapped the evil is trapped with her.

Thus concludes this second chapter of Vector. The story has now moved on to Rebellion, a series set in the early days of the Rebel Alliance where Celeste may meet Vader once again and will most definitely be bumping into a certain son of his - exciting stuff on the way soon. Vector part one, collecting all the stories discussed so far will be out January next year. Dark Times is taking a break to make way for the Clone Wars stuff going on, with the movie and some tie in comics etc.

So that's it from Vector, but with a few more Legacy issues out and the Clone Wars movie coming to cinemas you bet you'll be hearing more from the galaxy far far away before too long.

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