Wednesday, 6 August 2008

SF at the Movies - August 08

OK another month has zipped by and it's time to take a look at what the cinema has to offer us this August.

Space Chimps

Released 01/08/08

Certainly one for the kids in an adventure where a special space probe gets sucked down a wormhole so the bright folks at NASA send the descendant of the first monkey in space after it. They follow it through and find some aliens and stuff - oh and things happen.

X-Files: I want to believe

Released 01/08/08

No longer working for the government, with paranormal investigations closed, Mulder and Scully get sucked back into their dark world when the 'vicions' of a priest solve a number of serious murder cases. I've not seen any X-Files really so I won't be seeing it, but it looks pretty good.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Released 15/08/08

Star Wars makes a surprising reappearance in theatres this August - are the dollar signs still fixed in George Lucas's eyes - I think so!! This movie will be kick-starting a new CGI series of the same name. Set between episodes 2 and 3 this movie involves a risky mission, Anakin's very own padawan and none other than Jabba the Hutt himself. A must see for all Star Wars fans.

That looks like it might be it - but there are also some hit fantasy releases this month with the third Mummy installment out soon as well as Hellboy 2 which I saw on advance preview and can highly recommend.

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