Saturday, 11 October 2008

SF at the Movies

Well we've hit October and so it's time to quickly fill the silence with a look at what's going to be showing at the flicks this month. I'm afraid the cupboard's pretty bare, or at least the Sci-Fi shelf is, with the new Bond out it can't be all bad for cinema goers I suppose. Anyway, let's keep to our remit shall we?

City of Ember
Released 10/10/08

As far as I'm concerned the only 'proper' SF release this month. City of Ember is set in a hidden underground city where for 240 years the remnants of mankind have stayed and survived so long they've forgotten where they came from. But there's a bit of a problem with that as the city was only meant to hold humanity for 200 years and now the generator is failing. Two youngsters happen upon an ancient plan, a away to get out of the city and do all they can to escape and save humanity. It's very good, though a little slow in parts and doesn't hold back though it's meant for a younger audience...


Released 17/10/08

...unlike some films! This is a film about mad scientists making stuff and so falls roughly into our chosen field it's about a novice who wants to invents some kind of evil science thing and...ooh it's CG...again, people are still impressed by that...aren't they?


Releases 17/10/08

Some guy wakes up and finds a giant spider and...wait, didn't they do this film already? five times...two at least!!


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