Saturday, 18 October 2008

Star Wars Vector, Chapter 3: Rebellion

Well Vector has moved forward in time once again, just a decade or two this time, from the Dark Times after the creation of the Empire to the time when those who hate the Emperor have amassed their forces and declared open rebellion against the Empire. Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and a few lesser known series regulars face up to the terrifying Rakghoul plague in the third chapter of Vector.

The story slots into issues 15 and 16 of the Rebellion series, following on from 3 successful story arcs. Though a lot of series regulars appear in the book (and it is a direct continuation of the Rebellion storyline, so it doesn't disrupt regular readers) it is still very easy to follow from the previous chapter of Vector and since a lot of the key Star Wars cast are involved it's not too unfamiliar territory.

Well I'll quickly pop up a review for you all, remember this will be very spoilery so if you are keen on getting it yourself you may want to skip the rest of this...ok let's go. Our troubled heroin Celeste has been on an abandoned moon for a little under two decades, the soul keeper of a plague spreading talisman and the ghost of a Sith Lord driving her mad - the only positive effect seems to be that she hasn't aged a day!!

Well she has been abandoned, but she hasn't been forgotten - Vader remembers the powerful Jedi he left behind and the even more powerul weapon around her neck. He sends an expeditionary force, when he hears that the force has crashed and lost contact after sighting an individual on the planet he knows she is still alive and leaks the information to the rebels in the hope that the plague will spread and destroy them.

The plucky team of rebels land on the planet with a full commando force including Able, a clone soldier from the Clone Wars and Deena Shan a young and nervous volunteer who has been a key player in the series so far. The rebels find the crashed Imperial landers and are soon assaulted by the stormtroopers they brought down, now transformed into monstrous Rakghouls. Han and most of the others are pushed back to the Millenium Falcon and forced to leave Luke, Leia and Abel behind. The ship is soon harrassed by a Star Destroyer ordered by Vader to get the rebels to flee back to base, and so cannot return to rescue our heroes.

Luke ends up backed into a cave and is suddenly attacked by Celeste, crazed by her abandonment and the whispers of Karness Muur. Leia and Abel arrive to help Luke, but this further enrages Celeste, who assaults Leia and turns Abel into one of her mindless monsters. Karness however sense an opportunity for galactic conquest and the talisman leaps towards Luke and Leia, but Celeste, regaining her senses retrieves the talisman and once again accepts her burden - to keep Karness prisoner in her body and to halt the plague as much as possible.

She walks off, discarding Luke, who is eager to know more of the Jedi, but she has decided to explore the galaxy and takes of in the rebel assault sguttle to see more of the galaxy. As she leaves she passes the waiting Star Destroyer who are still listening for Vader, who realizes too late what is happening, the ship is overrun by the plague and crashes into the planet. Meanwhile the Falcon has been able to shake it's pursuers and rescue Luke and Leia who return to the fleet to mourn Abel and others lost and to contemplate the future of the Jedi and of the Rebellion.

Well the Legacy portion of Vector is currently being published so I'll share what happens next with you all in a month or two, that portion will be collected in the second volume of Vector along with the Rebellion story - Volume 1 of Vector will be released in January.

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