Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Doctor Who - New series, new species part 16

I'm glad to be able to continue what is possibly my longest running and certainly most numerous series of posts. As I posted not too long ago the Doctor Who children's spin off has returned, I've quite enjoyed the show as I did last series. As ever my remit is to discuss the brand new species created by the writers and production staff. I do this partly because it saves space and gives structure and also because I'm interested in how the television crews of today go about designing and making new ideas for alien species. Anyway, with classic series aliens the Sontarans taking up the first two-parter so just one alien for you this time, but it's a good start and an interesting creature.

Jeggorabax Energy Entity

I'm always quite interested in how they do these minimum prop aliens, all they needed was a man in a clown suit for this one and it worked pretty well. I wasn't blown away by this one as it seemed to be an amalgamation of several previous Dr Who villains, it existed because of people's emotions, which made it very similar to Adam in Torchwood who lived by people's memories. The climax scene where all the children walk off in zombie state was something of a Who cliche and has been done a few times (e.g. 1st christmas special) and wasn't that scary. But the angle of Sarah Jane exploring her own fear was very potent and the fear of the loss of a child as being the most powerful were extremely interesting and made good watching.

This creature originates in the Jeggorabax Cluster, known to be home to creatures that feed on emotion. The creature seemed to have inhabited a meteor that came to Earth sometime in the 13th century. It's first guise was the now legendary figure of the pied piper who gained fear by stealing the town's children. Realising this was an efficient way of producing fear he took on a number of guises down through the ages, generally of an entertainer and frightened and stole children to keep itself alive. It was not until it encountered Srah Jane Smith that the fatal flaw was revealed, if it was not feared, if people were happy and bold in it's presence it simply could not exist, the creature was destroyed.

Well that's it only to mention the slightly intriguing fact that the new girl's called Rani...hmmm.

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