Tuesday, 24 March 2009

SF at the Movies - March 09

Well we're marching on into the month so let's take a quick peek at what might be on screens near you to satisfy your geeky cravings.

Released 06/03/09

Easily movie of the month in my book, contender for movie of the year. This adaptation of one of the greatest graphic novels ever written stays faithful to the source material and profits as a result. The bleak vision of a world with superheroes - superheroes who fail and fall is painful and yet shockingly realistic. Don't see this expecting ano0ther superhero flick, the violence is strong and the material dark and thought provoking. The fight scenes and special effects don't dissapoint however and the film is a real visual treat - well worth seeing (if you're over 18)


Released 27/03/09

This one looks intriguing, if a little familiar. A document is uncovered which contains a series of numbers detailing the date of every major disaster and the number of dead from the time it was written to the present day...and the list continues. Now knowing the time and severity of future disasters Nicholas Cage must try desperately to convince people of the danger and unravel the mystery before it's too late. Sounds exciting and fun, but I do feel like I've seen this kind of film before, probably with Nicholas Cage in too!

I think that's it - there are some advance previews of Monster vs Aliens which looks hilarious but I'll leave that till the official release date next month.

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