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Star Wars Vector, Chapter 4: Legacy

The Star Wars crossover series reached it's conclusion when it reached Legacy, the Star Wars comics series I keep blabbing on about. Naturally this is a bit of a crossover for me as I am used to talking about Legacy, but am also doing a Vector review, so I'll try and keep this post looking at the big picture and then maybe do an 'updates' post to follow up on the Legacy specific side of things.

By the way - MASSIVE spoilers for Legacy and Vector in this post.

This story takes place in issues 28-31 of Legacy and follows on from Cade's visit to the Hidden Jedi Temple and his plan to assassinate the head of the Sith, Darth Krayt. But Cade and his company could not have anticipated the journey they would take as the Muur talisman's "Vector" crossed their paths. I'll chronicle that story for you now, and I'll try and keep it as brief as possible, but I have got four issues to cover.

The Pellaeon class Star Destroyer Iron Sun sits adrift in the deep core, abandoned to space. On board sits Celeste Morne alone but for a horde of Rakghouls, formerly the Destroyer's crew, and the spirit of Karness Muur to keep her company. After escaping her prison world in Rebellion, she had decided to travel the galaxy, but realized that the talisman was too dangerous and after an encounter with the Iron Sun, decided to remain there.

Cade and his crew travel through hyperspace on route to the deep Core outpost on Had Abbadon when they are suddenly yanked out of hyperspace. They are drawn into the hanger bay of a Star Destroyer only to find an abandoned ship and strange bones. Before they get to investigate they are set upon by Rakghouls and Cade and Azlyn are bitten. Celeste reveals her story to them and mentions her contact with Cade's ancestors. The Rakghoul plague starts to infect them, but Cade is able to use his powerful healing ability to counteract it and save them both. Celeste is impressed and agrees to join Cade on his quest to destroy the Sith.

The crew land and assault Had Abaddon base, with Celeste's ability to turn the troops into Rakghouls and control them proving very useful. Some are allowed to escape so that word gets back to Darth Krayt and draws him out. Word also reached Roan Fel, who decided that that talisman would be a valuable prize and instructs his Imperial Knights to retrieve it. This causes a lot of friction among the Knights and there is a lot of tension among the whole team as Karness Muur works his power among them.

Word eventually gets to Krayt, who travels to Had Abaddon along with Darth Stryfe, Talon, Maladi and Wyyrlok. They dig into the history of Muur on the way, revealing that he was one of the first Sith who, along with Krayt's mentor Xoxaan, fled the Republic and founded the dark order. Krayt lands, attracted by the possibility that Muur, or Cade, would heal him. But the team spring their trap and battle the Sith, but struggle with their internal battles as the Imperials splinter to go after Krayt and the talisman and Celeste struggles for control of her own body and the Rakghouls.

As the Knights fight the Darths, Celeste engages in a fierce battle with Krayt. Stryfe is taken out by Cade and Syn whilste Maladi and Shado battle Rakghouls and each other. Finally Azlyn sees an opening and takes a high aerial attack stabbing her blade through the Dark Lord's armour. This frees Celeste, who takes full control of her power and fills Krayt with lightning before hurling him off a cliff.

After that there is one more Sith to take care of, Celeste acknowledges that her control is slipping and ask Cade to do what must be done. He reluctantly agrees, and stabs his lightsaber through her chest, leaving a woman tortured for four millenia finally at peace. The Muur talisman quickly siezes Cade, but Cade has a strength no one anticipated - he does not desire power and so the temptations of Muur and the talisman have no hold on him so he uses the power of the force in him and shatters the talisman, destroying Muur and the Rakghoul plague forever.

But it is no happy ending for anyone on Had Abbadon. Azlyn was grievously wounded by Celeste's power, when she attacked Krayt and even Cade's ability can only just keep her alive. They take her away, knocking back the Imperial Knights, branding them traitors for going after the talisman.

Down on the surface lord Wyyrlok arrives and puts the injured Sith into bacta tanks then goes for the body of Krayt. When he arrives he finds his Sith Lord alive and desperate to continue his vision. Seeing weakness in his former master he finishes the job and executes him with force lightning, vowing to continue his master's dream, even if the dreamer has to die.

And that's it, the crossover is over - there is more comics new for this year with the return of Dark Times and a new series Invasion, which I'll tell you about another time, along with a few updates on the characters and events in Legacy.

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