Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Dark Forces - Steam Powered!

Quite possibly the greatest games related news to reach my screen, rivalled only by the words 'your order has been dispatched' (in relation to Halo:ODST).

Many of you will not remember the DOS era, but of that time, one game stands out for me and that is Star Wars: Dark Forces. At the time pretty much every game I had was a Star Wars title and pretty great fun they were too. I never managed to buy this one, but my cousin lent it too me and I played the game (which was old, even by the standards of the day) all the way through and it was one of the most thrilling experiences I've ever had on a computer and I can still remember the levels vividly.

But of course they stopped selling it a long time ago, and it's hardly compatible with modern tech anyway. So I was content to live with just the memories of a great game.

The legacy lives on, of course, in the creation of Kyle Katarn, the protagonist of the game. Kyle went on to star in a sequel Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight where he picks up a lightsaber and takes on a host of Dark Jedi. An expansion and two more titles followed in the modern PC Gaming era, cementing Kyle's popularity as a Star Wars figure and one of my personal favourite expanded universe characters.

Well, you might have guessed it - he's back. Lucasarts have teamed up with Steam, a games download service to bring back all the Kyle Katarn titles. You can buy them as a bundle with Kyle's other titles or if, like me, you have every other title you can lay your hands on you can buy each game individually. I bought and downloaded Dark Forces with ease and am reliving the memories big style thanks to Steam and possibly the best move Lucasarts have made since The Force Unleashed.

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