Wednesday, 2 September 2009

SF at the Movies - August 09

Yes, I know it's September alright, but you can allow a guy a few days slip right, plus most August films should still be available for your viewing for a few more days at least. I also have to apologise for missing Moon out of the last post - and for missing it at the cinema!! Right, anyway let's be moving on.

G.I. Joe: The rise of COBRA

Released 07/08/09

Another classic toy based movie hot on the heels of Transformers 2, and bringing the big action-SF summer to a neat close. The film follows two soldiers as they are initiated into elite military unit G.I. Joe after the theft of a deadly weapon. They become acquainted with guns, advanced fighting vehicles and accelerator suits as they become fully fledged members of the over-powered military unit and take the fight to the COBRA forces assembled to fight them, finding betrayal, revenge and lost love along the way. This won't win any OSCARS, but it's a good laugh and a fun flick with enough gadgets and tight-fitting combat suits to keep any geek occupied for it's duration.

The Time Traveler's Wife

Released 14/08/09

I'm intrigued by this one, though I fear I may miss it. The plot tells of a girl who falls in love with a man who suffers from a curious condition, he randomly travels in time, unable to control where he goes or how far into the future or past he will go. The story tells of how these two struggle to make a life and a family together and account for his condition. Based on a best-selling book it looks to be an interesting love story with a Sci-Fi twist.

and there's erm...

Aliens in the Attic

Released 14/08/09

This is the movie telling the story of an alien invasion that comes via the attic of an American family containing a squad of rather plucky children. The diminutive aliens exert a mind-control weapon, controlling all the adults, but leaving children exempt from their control (in a bizarre contrast to Torchwood: Children of Earth) and able to take the fight back to the invaders. Starring Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical fame this is sure to be... a film.

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