Friday, 4 September 2009

Heroes: Destiny

A while back I posted up the Heroes webseries (or 'webisodes') which told the story of new hero Echo de Mille and his clash with the company. Since then there have been a number of other webisodes introducing characters and giving backstory on others.

This series was based on a 'choose your hero' interactive game on the main website where users could design and create a new hero, giving them a name, look power etc. Then they could vote on which they thought was best and the winner, Santiago, is the hero of this online video series.

There are a number of fun things on the website that you can access, giving you an insight into the wider world of the heroes. You can look at secret files on the Primatech site, look at personal websites for Claire, Hiro, Nikki and Mohinder and catch up on an ARG lead by Hana Gittleman who had a cameo in the first series.

There's plenty ongoing at the site - regular free online comics which give a far greater story to what's going on, currently going into more of how REBEL was founded and the action Micah and his group took against Building 26. There are also iStories, featuring main and side characters and giving you the choice of where to take the action. And most recently Survival, a game where you keep your own hero alive, join a faction and if you're lucky you might even feature in the storyline!!

Anyway, back to the webisodes - i couldn't find a combined video so I'll give it to you in it's four parts.

1. Let Us Pray

2. Intervention


4. Escape

I think I've said enough so I'll leave it at that, do check out the wider world of Heroes online.

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