Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Halo Animals

I'll level with ya; I'm not really sure why I'm doing this one, it just popped into my head and I can't get rid of the need to do it before posting other things so what the heck let's just do it. The idea is to look at the vehicles of the UNSC (good guys) in Halo and compare them with the animals they're named after.

Who knows it might work - I'll try and use this as a precursor to some 'Stuff' posts on Halo once I've reviewed the newer games.



Also known as the M12-LRV the 'Warthog' is your most common way of getting around the place in the Halo games. It's fast sturdy and can drive, bounce or flip it's way over pretty much anything. They also come with a chain-gun mount, though their are variants with heavier armour or more seating. I could say a bit more about why it's called the Warthog, but Red Vs Blue tell it better!

M808B Scorpion

The Scorpion is, naturally, your tank. It looks like a tank so I guess we can assume it's named after it's deadly abilities rather than appearance. It is always a delight to drive one of these, with the right skills one of these can take out anything, even a Scarab, the Covenant's super-unit. With a machines gun emplacement and multi-directional aiming, these beasts can sting at both long and short range.

Dropship-77 Pelican

Your ride to and from danger in the series, the dropship has remained popular throughout the series. Capable of taking off from standing, travelling out of atmosphere and transporting large amounts of armour to a location these ships do it all. Named perhaps because of their lack of combat functionality or their ability to carry large amounts of troops and ordinance, one of these birds is always a welcome sight.


Very little known about this one as they have only appeared as crashed ships on multiplayer maps. They are a heavy dropship, with more capacity than a Pelican, but little else is known, presumably named after their ability to go long distances.

OK - we're into Halo 3 territory now, nearly there!

M247 Mongoose

The answer to the question 'could the Warthog be made more fun?' These things bounce around like crazy and zip you across any territory in double time. They don't have any armaments, but get a Marine with a rocket launcher on board and you're set to do some damage. They are effectively motorbikes designed to transport troops very quicky across the battlefield.

AV-14 Hornet

The first air vehicle of the UNSC useable by the player (though you previously could take flight in a Covenant Banshee) added another fun element to the war in Halo 3. The vehicles had machine guns and a powerful rocket launcher giving them armaments to match a tank, though they weren't as armoured as a Scoprion or maneuverable as a Banshee, also you could bring Marines along for a ride, adding an extra gun to pick of smaller targets.

last one!!

M312 Elephant

This vehicle is naturally named after it's size. It moves slowly but steadily and is capable of carrying large amounts of armour or troops safely across the battlefield. Like the Albatross, this only features in the multiplayer maps, but it can be driven and used. The two found contain a number of Mongoose vehicles, defensive turrets and room for plenty more. The vehicles is used more extensively in Halo Wars.

Well I hope you got something out of that - I did quite like making it I must admit.

More soon!

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