Saturday, 3 October 2009

Star Wars Legacy: Storms (34-35)

I swiped a fresh issue of Legacy of the shelf of my local comic shop just the other day so it's high time I caught up on the story for the one or two of you that may be interested, and I'll juump right in with some updates...

Sith Updates

Species: Chagrian
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Korriban
Position: Apprentice, future Darth Wyyrlok
First Appearance: Legacy # 34 (Storms, part 1)

Saarai is the daughter of Darth Wyyrlok, who is now leader of the One Sith order. She is training to be the next Darth Wyyrlok, a position her family has held from the beginning. She was tasked with guarding Lord Krayt's stasis chamber until it was ready, she told visitor's he was in stasis, it is unclear whether her father revealed the Dark Lord's true status. Despite being an apprentice and 'unmarked' she showed considerable power, especially in telikinesis, besting a weakened Darth Stryfe in force combat by gripping his heart with the force then lifting and twisting his body until stopped by her father.

This guy also appeared, but was not named. He is a Koorivar and is also unmarked so not a 'Darth' or high ranking Sith. He was tasked with supervising the medical station and bacta tanks where the party from Had Abbadon were healing. Stryfe woke up and assaulted him, demanding to know Krayt's location.

OK, on with the story

Issue Review

Cade and crew crash-land the Mynock on Kiffex, where Bantha Rawk and family have moved to, during a storm. Cade has been force-healing Azlyn all the way, she says she can accept death but he refuses to let her go. Cade demands that Droo, who has medical skill heals her, she says only if Azlyn wants to live - Cade lies, insisting that she be saved, then collapses from the strain of his efforts.

Hours later Cade wakes up and wants to help, but Bantha refuses, having seen the dark side effect of Cade's ability. Cade decides to take his frustrations into town along with Syn, on the way they meet Shado, who is taking his fighter to the Hidden Temple to report on Krayt's death.

Back on Korriban, Stryfe awakes, angered that he can no longer sense Krayt he confronts Saarai then goes to the stasis chamber where Wyyrlok telss him there are sheilds in place to hide the dark Lord's presence. After this he pledges his support to Wyyrlok and he and the other Sith soon return to Coruscant, intriguing the Moffs as well as Roan Fel who questions his Knights and a mysterious cloaked contact.

On Kiffex Cade starts a bar fight then flied into a rage, attacking the Clan Vos Guardians that arrive, he is so out of control as to attack his own cousin who is a new recruit until Jariah intervenes. He returns to the homested to check on Azlyn to find that she has been put into a cybernetic suit designed by Bantha and that she is now angry with him because she did not want that life. Having truly outstayed their welcome, Cade and his crew leave and Azlyn returns to the Knights.

Hope that was fun - more to come!

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