Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Sarah Jane Returns!! Plus New Who

The Doctor Who spinoff for children makes a welcome return to our screens this week, well British screens anyway, but with developments in the US it might not be too long before fans over there catch up with the series.

The show looks bigger and better than ever, with a selection of new species (which means more posting on Blogga!) and returning ones from the Who universe, in the trailer I caught glimpses of the Trickster who is my favourite of the new era villains as well as a certain medico making his way to Bannerman Road.

The series starts Thursday on BBC1 - make a note! For fans in the north, there is a special event going to be held at Liverpool One in a few weeks time.

On the website there are a few decent extras, including games, fact files on monster and a new comic/ARG type thing called 'Monster Hunt' which is starting up and due to develop over the length of the series.

In related news the main show crew have updated their logo for the 2010 series - take a peek!

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