Monday, 2 November 2009

SF at the movies- October 09

OK, I'm late with this one...again, but while we're here lets, erm review the movies that came out in the month of October with Sciency Ficioney leanings.

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Released 02/10/09

I don't know much about this other than I can't find it anywhere in cinemas. The trailer was intriguing, with an interesting mix of Sci-Fi and horror in the Alien tradition. The plot centres around two crewmembers who wake up in deep space on a vast ship with little memory of why they are there or what they should be doing. They find some other humans, and also something worse, something terrifying. It did look intriguing and if it's still out where you are and you like shocks as well as spaceships then you might want to check it out.


One I described to my friends as 'socks who save the world' - and with that title who wouldn't go to see it eh?!! I'm looking forward to Tim Burton's latest creation set in a post-apocalyptic future where machines have taken over the Earth. A scientist gives his 9 creations, all made out of bits and bobs the spark of life and gives them the mission of 'protecting the future'. I'd certainly check out the trailer at least for this new movie.

Well we're already rolling into November so expect to hear about movies soon, and plenty of other posts on the way.

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