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Star Wars Legacy: Renegade (36) + Navy Personnell

OK, I am WAY behind on thse things and a new issue out has prompted me to get on with these things - you may or may not be interested in Star Wars Legacy, but I am so I intend to carry on posting them, however there is little point 'reviewing' issues if we are almost six months out of date so expect a flurry of posts over the next few weeks.

Well there are no new Sith or Jedi so we can get straight on with it.

Issue Review

Ralltir is a key financial world held by the Sith Empire and guarded by a full fleet as well as planetary defences, it is so well guarded they expect no attack, and thus are startled when Gar Stazi's Galactic Alliance fleet bursts out of hyperspace and begins to attack. They have the edge of surprise and eliminate planetary defenses, but are still outnumbered until a fleet from Bastion arrives from Emperor Fel to back them up, led by the arrogant Admiral Fenel.

They force the fleet to surrender and plan to seize the ships for their own fleets, but one frigate captain sees their plan and orders that they self-destruct their ships. Admiral Fenel orders the captured Imperials to destroy their own frigate, which pushes them too far - Fenel counters by issuing an order to destroy any escape pods. Galactic Alliance fleet commander Stazi refuses to accept such barbarism and refuses to be ordered by an Imperial, moving his own fleet to defend the escaping Imperials - the fleet is then destroyed, damaging the Sith, but also denying new ships to the rebels. The first test of the Alliance between Fel and Stazi is passed.

My Two Credits

This issue stands as one of the best of the series - as well as delivering classic fleet action in the Legacy era (expertly drawn by Omar Francia) the issue rapidly built up the tensions between the two allies as they wage war in very different ways and how close they come to breaking their truce in a well-written story worthy of any cortroom drama. A very rewarding issue in terms of drama and of consequence in the storyline - plus lots of ships blow up!!

Imperial Navy Personnell

I'm continuing to post about different people in Legacy, sticking with the Empire for now - I'm combining this part with this post as Navy people don't feature much in the story so I don't want to have to have a seperate post for each as they tend to only be around for one arc. All the people are allied with Darth Krayt's empire - I'll do Fel's people at a later date.

Vikar Dorn
Species: Human
Position: Former Governor
First Appearance Legacy #13 (Ready to die)

Dorn was associated with the Galactic Alliance, but after the war secretly allied with the Sith. His son was captain of the star destroyer Dauntless and they used it to pretend to defect to Fel's empire, but secretly delivered Darth Kruhl to assasinate Fel. The mission failed and the entire crew was killed.


Species: Human
Position: Captain (Pellaeon class SD)
First Appearance: Legacy #16 (Claws of the Dragon, part 3)

Meeshal was captain of a Star Destroyer under the command of Darth Stryfe, he orbited Ossus and sent troops down to search for Jedi. Then at Stryfe's command he bombarded the Jedi Temple from orbit.

Sha Dun

Species: Kel Dor
Position: Admiral (Outer Rim 3rd Fleet)
First Appearance: Legacy # 20 (Indomitable, part 1)

Sha Dun was tasked with hunting down Gar Stazi's renegade Galactic Alliance fleet in the outer rim. Despite a few successes, capturing or destroying some ships, he had failed to kill or capture Stazi. For this he was executed by Darth Azard.

Dru Valan

Species: Human
Position: Admiral (Outer Rim 3rd Fleet)
First Appearance: Legacy # 20 (Indomitable, part 1)

Dru Valan was disgraced by failing to capture Stazi during the Imperial victory at Caamas, he rose in the ranks and became Admiral again when Sha Dun was killed. He demanded that all crew aboard his fleet be human when he did. He believed he knew Stazi and planned to trap him at Dac, however Stazi completely outmanouvered him, stealing an advanced Star Destroyer and leaving Valan contemplating suicide, leaving the fleet to Hoge, captain of his flagship Relentless.

I don't have much data - but Rokure captained the Sith ship Relentless (different model) under Darth Wyyrlok during the mission to Had Abaddon. [Legacy: Vector]

Peto Kelsan

Species: Human
Position: Admiral (Coruscant 3rd Fleet)
First Appearance: Legacy #36 (Renegade)

Kelsan was in command at Ralltir, though Furske, the captain of the flagship Avenger was on duty when the attack came. He reluctantly issued the surrender and then the self-destruct order after he was ordered to fire on his own ships. He stayed on his ship and thanked Stazi for his aid.

Last one!

Vaclen Tor

Species: Human
Position: Captain (Steadfast - Ardent cladd frigate)
First Appearance: Legacy #36 (Renegade)

A plucky young frigate captain turned the tables of war when he refused to surrender at Ralltir. He saw the plan to capture ships and demanded that they fight or issue a self-destruct. He took a beating from the Imperials but was protected by Stazi, who respected him. He was safely returned to Ralltir, though Stazi di in the end keep his Ship, and gave it to Fel.

OK that brings us up to this issue and I'm sure you've had enough by now - I've included a few Wookiepedia links for the more minor characters - check it out, it's a great resource.

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