Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Star Wars Legacy: The Imperial Mission

Well the penultimate issue of the series just hit comic book stores across the land, and I'm determined to squeeze some more comic content in before the series meets it's end. I'd imagine the momentum for Legacy posts may die down after #50 hits the shelves, so I may not get to tell you about the spaceships, planets and creatures featured in it, but I'm going to at least finish off telling you about some of the Characters in the series.

I may not get round to all of them, but I'll finish off the characters of the Sith Empire with one final group - The Imperial Mission. Set up in the founding days of the Fel dynasty, the Mission aims to expand the Empire through offering aid to planets and species that need it, gaining planets and materials through willing volunteers rather than conquest. After the Sith took the throne the missionaries decided to carry on the work, making the Empire a better place.

The mission house on Tatooine

Imperial Missionaries

We've already met the head of the order, Konrad Rus, as he is on the Moff Council, as are the heads of other departments. So we'll crack on and meet some of the people on the ground.

Astraal Vao
Species: Twi'lek
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Unknown
Position: Missionary, Socorro
First Appearance: Legacy#2 (Broken, part 2)

Astraal is the sister of Jedi Knight Shado Vao. At an early age, Astraal and Shado crashed on the planet Vendaxa, a crash that took the lives of their parents. They were rescued and raised by Imperial Missionaries. Her brother was taken for Jedi training, but she stayed, feeling her place was with the order. She worked with the Fel Empire and continued in her role under the Sith regime. She had contact with the Fel Empire and gave refuge to Sia Fel at her mission house on Socorro. She stayed with the princess after Darth Talon attacked, helping her escape and arranging to meet up with her brother on Vendaxa. However she trusted Konrad Rus, who betrayed their location to Darth Krayt. They took a transport with Cade Skywalker and were there to see Cade reunited with his old master. After the battle she went with the princess to Bastion and stayed there.

Ethan Adare
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Unknown
Position: Missionary, Tatooine
First Appearance:Legacy#38 (Tatooine, part 2)

Ethan Adara was a senior member of the Mission House, a converted Hutt palace, near Mos Eiseley. When Deliah Blue posed as a missionary to scam engine parts off the Empire he took her in, knowing she was a fake, to show her the good work of the Mission. When she revealed her plan he simply helped her, believing that there was more worth in her than she believed. He had a background in mechanics before the mission and helped her get the Mynock going again.

And that's it! With Darth Wyyrlok's takeover however things have changed - the Missionaries are now tasked with spreading Sith beliefs among the Empire so that all with follow the way. What will become of them?

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