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Stuff: Star Wars - Dark Times

Dark Times, a Dark Horse comic series, is named after a quote from Ben Kenobi referring to the rise of the Empire. The story has it's genesis in the final issues of Dark Horse's Republic line, which took place immediately after Order 66. The story continues in the weeks and months after that, following the Jedi Dass Jennir as he struggles to find his place after the decimation of the Jedi order.

Jennir was initially tasked with fighting Separatists on New Plympto. After Order 66 he is forced to ally with his former enemies the Nosaurians, who he discovers were forced to join the CIS because the Republic was damaging their economy. He joins the resistance movement on the planet, which hold off the Empire, but ultimately fails. Through chance Dass and his friend Bomo escape and join with a smuggler crew to try and save Bomo's family, which leads them across the Galaxy and leads Dass to murder and defy the Jedi code in order to do the right thing. The trip ended in tragedy and Dass separated from his friend.

The next story arcs followed Bomo and the smuggler crew as things went from bad to worse as they try to smuggle good in the new Empire, we also got to see Jedi master K'kruhk struggle with his Jedi ways as he protected a group of refugee padawans from bounty hunters.

The most recent story, Blue Harvest sees Jennir find his feet as he takes on a job his conscience can allow, infiltrating and destroying a slaver gang on the planet Telerath. When he gets there he finds things aren't as they seem as his employer didn't tell him about the rival spice runner gang in the town, nor did she tell him about the women she keep at her 'Inn'. Using guile Jennir decides to outwit both gangs and sets the whole town to war as the gangs try to eliminate each other, then stepping in to do what he was meant to do - a Jedi's work.

As he finishes his duty, Bomo is contacted by a former associates of Jennir, which promises to change the game in the next story, due out early next year.

Well that's the story, there's not much to add besides the

New Jedi

Dass Jennir
Species: human
Sex: male
Homeworld: Unknown
Position: Jedi Master

Dass was a powerful Jedi Master by the time of the Clone Wars, skilled in attacking large numbers of foes with his lightsaber. Since the end of the war he has struggled to find his place, only finding peace when he can aid the weak by fighting the strong.

Beyghor Sahdett
Species: Verpine
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Roche
Position: Jedi Knight

Beyghor survived Order 66 by defeating all who were tasked with killing him, he is extremely skilled with his small lightsaber and wiped out an entire Imperial task force who were sent to intercept Bomo's crew. He is a former associate of Jennir and was looking for him.

New Ships


I love this ship, it's so big and bulgy, and I love the dangling blaster turret for defense. This is the ship of the smuggler crew that Bomo joined and took him on their journey of rescue and revenge. It is first and foremost a cargo ship with a large area for transporting cargo and clearly not a nimble bird for atmo flight, but it still has an elegance to it in it's unusual shape and it is a believable home for the crew.

Dezono Qua's Ship

Stolen from a slaver he killed, Jennir took this ship after parting from Bomo Greenbark. This ship is now his home taking him from place to place, looking for jobs he needs to survive, but it is also a reminder of how far he strayed from the path.



H2 is also the former property of Dezono Qua, and while he chose to accompany Dass Jennir he constantly reminds him on the act, addressing him as 'man-who-killed-my-master'. Despite this he does respect Dass and aided him in his war against the slavers.


Yes, I'm doing another map, I'm just doing one of the planets featured in the Blue Harvest arc as there are a number of 'unknown worlds' in previous stories, which would over complicate things.

And that I think does it, the trade paperbacks for earlier Dark Times series are out and well worth a look into, and the series continues in monthly issues early next year.

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