Wednesday, 21 July 2010

SF at the Movies - July '10

This is more like it with a number of big-hitters out this month and among them some great Sci-Fi flicks that are worth seeing.

Kicking off with...

Released 8/7/10

Well worth seeing if you're a fan of the original, this film revealed more about the predator species, with a larger variant to the species that even hunts other predators and we got to see a few other aliens along the way. However this film didn't lose it's head, it was still what the original two were, and action-horror featuring trained killers trying to survive a seemingly impossible alien threat.

Released 16/7/10

The best film of the year I would say and with several months still to go I'm confident it will remain worthy of the title. Inception creates the world - a world where skilled thieves can create dream worlds take a mark into them and then extract their secrets from it. Dom Cobb, who is haunted and hunted by his past, is determined to take one last job as it has the promise of putting his life back together only this job involves planting an idea, a much more difficult operation. Flawlessly executed this film bends heads, but is extremely satisfying.


Another Sci-Fi horror starring Adrien Brody, though as a wimpy-eyed scientist instead of a gruff-voiced Mercenary. In 'Splice' two leading geneticists successfully combine human DNA with that of a whole host of creatures to create a new being. At first they are overjoyed, but things turn nasty as their superpowered creation starts to explore the world and the company that made her try to end her life.

And that's it no the Sci-Fi front, but there's also the return of Toy Story, the A-Team and the new Karate Kid

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