Friday, 3 September 2010

SF at the movies - August '10

Sorry for the quietness of the summer, which has led to I think my latest ever SF at the movies, telling you about August films as we march on into September - hopefully normal content will resume soon.

Avatar: Special Edition

Released: 27/8/10

You know the film, given that it is at it's best in 3D at the cinema it might be worth seeing, especially if you only saw it 2D the first time round, otherwise, make of this money-spinner what you will.

OK so not a huge amount going on, but there are plenty of other titles that will amuse nerds of all types such as comic-book comedy Scott Pilgrim and a few others, but anyway, Augusts over and you've probably already seen all that stuff - I'll try and resume normal posting before hopefully finding out what goes on in September.

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