Saturday, 25 September 2010

So Reach...

Apologies once again for the lack of postage, I've been wrestling trying to get a certain post to work and my pedantry wouldn't let me post anything else until I did, but it wasn't going anywhere so I've finally given up and hopefully we'll get on with some more content, though given my track record it's probably unwise to make promises!

So yeah, Halo Reach!! The long awaited game is finally here - I personally went for the limited edition which features a very pretty box and also Catherine Halsey's diary which will mean a lot to Halo fans and not much to others, it also comes with the typical bonus content in-game as well.

Anyways, I'm still savouring the campaign so I won't tell you much about it, rather I'm going to post up the myriad of live-action trailers produced for reach. Since Blomkamp's (of District 9 fame) short movie 'Landfall' live-action shorts seem to be a requisite for Halo games, with 'We are ODST' previewing Halo 3:ODST and also 'Birth of a Spartan' came out to showcase Reach a while back.

But Reach is a big one so they weren't happy with just one live-action trailer, or even the absolute ton of other showcasing trailers, they brought out two more live-action trailers.

The first is entitled 'Deliver Hope' and is a prequel to the game featuring noble team on another mission, before Reach and before they needed Noble Six.

The second is called 'Remember Reach' which is pretty much the tag-line for the whole game. This looks at a number of people's lives on the day before the game starts to remind you that, in the fiction of the game, you are fighting for a planet full of people. I don't know how much they feature in the game - I know the soldiers show up early in the campaign, but it does add to the drama of the whole thing.

The game is excellent, but if you're going to buy it you've probably already bought it - I thought I'd share these parts of the fiction with you.

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