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Star Wars Legacy: Extremes (48-50)

The final arc of Legacy has finished so this may be the final time I bother you with Star Wars Legacy content... no, don't count on it!! Still it is very strange not to have my months counted out by looking forward to the next shipment of Legacy at my Local Comic shop. Right let's get right to it, this might be the end, but there's a stack of new stuff.

Sith Updates

Darth Havok
Species: Iktotchi
Sex: Male
Position: Inquisitor
First Appearance: Legacy#48 (Extremes, part 1)

Eskhar Niin was once a revered Imperial Knight, responsible for the training of Antares Draco, the head of the Order. He deserted the order and in the confrontation that followed he slew Roan Fel's wife. Draco believed him dead, but he had in fact joined the Sith. He took Marasiah Fel into his custody, revealing his identity and tortured her for information.

While he's the only named 'Darth' there were a few other significant Sith noted

Bokar and Yuln were part of the Sith strike force on Agamar from the 'Monster' arc, they stayed behind to finish off any survivors, but were slain by Rasi Tuum and Azlyn Rae

This guy wasn't named, but he fought Cade to guard Vul Isen's lab on Daluuj, he refused to give Cade Isen's location and was defeated by him in battle.

This arc saw the ends of a great many Sith, including Vul Isen and Darth Azard, but also the return of Darth Krayt from the dead!!


Quite a busy one as the characters make a few treks across the Galaxy, but hopefully I've rendered it as clear as possible.

Issue Review

A lot to say for this one - some major changes. Wyyrlok is angry at the disappearance of Krayt's body and sends Nihl to investigate, blaming Darth Talon who has disappeared. Rasi Tuum and Azlyn Rae escape from Agamar, but are too late to rescue the Princess, who is taken to Coruscant, then whisked away to Korriban by Darth Havok, much to the annoyance of the Moffs. They return to Bastion and a rescue plan is put into operation.
Meanwhile Cade is on the hunt for Vul Isen, finding his lab on Daluuj and eliminating the Sith there, but failing to fin the man. Isen is at Da Soocha and releases his chemical on the world, destroying the Hutts who harbored Mon Calamari fugitives. This angers the Hutts, who summon Cade to Nal Hutta and hire him as their agent to exact vengance on Isen and the Sith. He heads to Utapau, where the Galactic Alliance have taken refuge and where Isen is planning to eliminate them.
Antares, masked as a Sith travels with his companions to Korriban to rescue Sia, who is being tortured by former Knight Darth Howl, they save her, but to protect her Antares stays behind and is finally killed by his former master after slaying dozens of Sith. Cade warns his crew of the plot to kill the Admiral and they manage to save him while Cade tracks down and stops Isen releasing the chemical, killing him and Darth Azard.
When Darth nihl finally tracks down Talon, he finds Krayt, alive and full of power. More than that he finds a path to power: Krayt has created an army of super-soldier, extremely powerful in the dark side, augmented with cybernetics and blindly loyal to him. They have created starfighters for these with the capability of taking on a capital ship on their own and he plans to unleash them to dominate the galaxy. He summons all Sith to him and Cade has a vision telling him he must face Krayt once more.

My Two Credits

A great arc, but as you might have guessed - not quite the end so it felt strange coming to the last issue with so much unresolved, but Dark Horse have announced that a new series 'War' is coming out to fully explore what these changes mean for the galaxy - and take a look at Darth Krayt as he gets ready to make War!

I don't want it to end, but I can't wait - more comics news soon.

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