Thursday, 28 October 2010

Doctor Who : New series, new species part 30

Wow! The 30th post, that's some staying power! I guess the draw of new stuff will always have a strong hold on me. Sarah Jane Adventures is in full swing and has a few new aliens for us, though not many for this post as it makes use of it's own villains, The Veil in the second episode. It's great to see the series use it's own creations as a key feature rather than relying on main series monsters for a big draw - maybe the main show could learn from this - can we have a Dalek/Cybermen free series please!!!

Anyway, on with the new stuff...


I'm ambivalent about this one, the idea of a being from another dimension that can bring himself into our world via dreams is a bit far-fetched, but at the same time it is well established in Who lore, with other creatures such as 'Adam' in Torchwood who fed on memories. So the concept did work, but I found the character overall to be a bit over the top. The nightmare scenarios of the episode were well written and the idea as a whole worked, but the makeup and the voice made it seem like it was trying to herd to be scary without actually being scary.

Vishklar are a race of beings from another dimension. While they can create an image for themselves they are essentially incorporeal beings. They have the power to feed on dreams and one such individual was able to access the nightmares of Luke Smith, drawing power from his superhuman mind, he was able gain greater influence and control, conjuring up his own nightmare scenarios and preventing Luke from speaking his name until he gained enough power to appear in physical form. He was able to send more people to sleep until he was defeated and trapped by Luke and his friends who had conquered their fear of him.

And that's it for this post - there was also some 'Sentient Concrete' featured, but i can't find an image for it, and it was little more than a small grey plot device but good fun nonetheless. The following episode featured the return of the Veils and also the Men in Black featured in dreamland making a welcome appearance in the flesh...sort of!

More soon!

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