Friday, 1 October 2010

SF at the Movies - September '10

Well it seems like I do nothing but movie posts on this blog and I did want to squeeze some stuff in first but as October is already upon us I think I'd better do this post while you've got a slight chance of seeing these September movies.

Released 6/9/10

One of the most renowned Sci-Fi classics of all time Metropolis tells of a future that, despite being made in the silent-movie era, still seems futuristic. With oppressive regimes ruling over a working class and performing bizarre experiments, everything changes when one young man leaves his life of luxury to visit the oppressed.

Resident Evil: Afterlife
Released 10/9/10

The fourth in this series adapting the story of the famous horror-shooter game series. Alice the lead in the series is still battling the Umbrella Corporation who's deadly virus has transformed thousands into grotesque undead monsters. Trying to rescue any survivors and fight through an infected city may be more than she can manage. This movie is also in 3D

And that's your lot - probably too late to catch both of those by now - but if you get the chance to see Metropolis I'd take it - it's your heritage people!!

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