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Blogga's Video Game Diary - 1/1/11

OK first thing's first - I'm changing the name because I plan to cover other games with this post. Reach has long since been finished, but there's plenty of cool stuff I'd still like to talk about and there's one more level to go so may's well carry on for now. But I'd also like to talk about The Force Unleashed II and at some point I'm going to replay Mass Effect 2 and I might go through the DLC packs as I get to them

Anyway - reach for now - I can't for the life of me remember what armour I wore so I'm going
to skip right on to...

New Stuff


These nasty critters are the only new enemy type in Reach, though I s'pose all the other Covenant units have had a bit of an upgrade, but these guys are brand new. They are the same species as the Jackals which have been common from Halo 1, but these ones are a little different. Aside from being a little bigger, and having prominent feathers, Skirmishers are also far more agile, able to leap incredible distances and cover ground quickly. They are very nasty in packs and can make quick work of anyone they come across. They are resilient to attack, though if you're quick enough to get them in the head they drop quickly. It was great to see something new and more variety to the Covenant's arsenal.

Onager Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

This was exciting!! MAC guns are a big part of Halo, from the Orbital Defense platforms around Earth to the leader power in Halo Wars. But this is the only time we've been able to properly man one! This large surface to air battery uses magnetic coils to rapidly fire powerful shells at enemy vehicles. Noble Six was able to use it to annihilate incoming aircraft and destroy a CCS-Class Covenant ship.

That's it for that level, but there are a few more things I'd like to share with you - as I did the skirmishers I'll also post about the other new species shown in Reach though they appear in earlier levels.


The addition of a few native species to the planet Reach was a nice touch, giving the planet more of a believable feel to it. Moa are large flightless birds, similar in size to an Ostrich, but with more prominent plumage, they run around at high speed, adding to the Chaos as you engage the Covenant for the first time. They are are harmless and try to get out of your way, but if you're feeling a bit dark then there's an achievement for mowing these creatures down.


Guta are cool! They absolutely monstrous creatures that smash things with their huge arms and tusks. Normally calm creatures the ones you meet are agitated by Covenant forces and while it's fun to watch the kick the snot out of some Grunts they quickly turn their rage on you and can't recognize friend from foe. They can bat you across the map with a swipe of their claw and do serious damage, even to a Spartan. I tried not to kill these creatures, they're not evil after all, but it's pretty hard to get past without taking at least one of them down.


And I'll briefly talk about an armour ability too if I may. I didn't use the Hologram ability until late in the game, but now i really enjoy it, though I've yet to fully master it. It does what it says on the tin - creates a hologram! It creates an identical likeness of the user and direct the hologram to to location indicated by looking. The hologram will then run in that direction distracting opponents and giving the use the advantage. I found good uses for it, I'd pop into cover then send out the hologram, then pop out the other side and knife the elite in the back - good times!


Noble-Six and the rest of the team ride in a Pelican to take Cortana to the Pillar of Autumn. They come under heavy fire and Emile and Noble Six drop out of the Pelican, with Carter still flying. They go on foot till the ship is in sight.

Then I waited a while to practice so I could do this....

Very frustrating at first - but an awesome feeling once achieved!

The two Spartans continue on foot and on Mongoose, with Carter keeping the heavy artillery off their backs until they are blocked by a Scarab. Carter makes the ultimate sacrifice, ramming his Pelican into the vehicle and knocking it off the cliff. Emile and Six carry on alone until they reach Captain Keyes and hand over Cortana. Emile mans the MAC turret, but is overwhelmed by Elites and goes down fighting, taking several with him. Noble Six stays behind, keeping the skies clear so the ship and escape and travel to a strange construct known as Halo...

I got Emile's voice for Firefight - I will get Carter's but it is a bit pricey!!

More soon, 'cause as any Halo fan knows - you watch the credits!!

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