Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Wall - December '10

Here's some of the Sci-Fi I've been into last month.

1. The Ultimates Vol1

I borrowed this from a friend on high recommendation and loved every page. What I liked about Ultimates is you could get into the action and enjoy the characters without having a garage filled with plastic cased issue#1s. If you know nothing about Marvel then yeah, you'll be lost - but if you've seen the movies, read a few graphic novels and spend some hours on wikis like I have then you're well in there. And there were still a bunch of characters I hadn't heard of, but I didn't need to as they were woven into the story so well. The story was epic, dealing with the political consequences of assembling a super-team as well as the emotional consequences of putting together a group of people with a ton of emotional baggage and superpowers. Plus big and I mean BIG battles going on here!!


Yeah, the new movie's out - but I couldn't watch it without seeing the original. So again I managed to borrow this from a friend. It was a lot of fun to laugh at the graphics of the movie, but at the same time it was a very enjoyable experience. I quite like the fanciful notion of programs having personalities and even the risk of one taking over our world. I also admired that, while they updated the effects a, they still kept the same fun vibe in the new one.

3. Star Wars Legacy:War #1

OK, this one I bought! Legacy is back for a final fling, so expect plenty more posting from me!! I really enjoyed the first issue, with Darth Krayt back from the dead and seeking vengeance of the usurper that rules in his name. I had hoped for a little more action, with this one mostly setting the stage for the galactic war to come - but we did get to see Krayt's new warships and Sith Troopers in action and the future looks good!

4) Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale

This was a Christmas Present - the latest story in the Firefly universe from Dark Horse Comics. I'd really been looking forward to this one, getting an insight into the life of one of the most mysterious characters in the show. It uses an unusual narrative style, going backwards through his life, to show the choices he made, how he became a Shepherd, how he fell in with both Alliance and Browncoat elites and how a sudden revelation spurred him to find God. A very interesting read.

OK that's it - more in about a month.

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