Monday, 11 April 2011

Blogga's Video Game Diary - 11/4/11

Well these posts have been brewing for a while, but I've had so much Halo content to regurgitate I set it back a while. But as I've re-completed the game and am well on my way into Mass Effect 2 I thought I'd best crack on with some content.


Well the thing I did most recently was to go through all the challenges as they actually unlock some quite interesting stuff. Completing them actually unlocks a set of cinematics detailing the creation of the Dark Apprentice, a character that only appears in the non-canon Dark Side ending, but who yet from this amount of detail would appear to be a real character, perhaps to appear in the inevitable TFU-III.

That's it so on with the diary - I'll cover just the first level I think as I don't have much time and get back to the rest as quick as I can. OK, new stuff first I think

New Characters

Starkiller Clone

OK, I'll level with you now, he may not be a clone - he may be the real Starkiller brainwashed into thinking he's a clone - the game frustratingly doesn't tell us, but I'm sure we'll get a resolution in whatever comes next. but the fact remains that he could be a clone as a number of clones were made, most of them unstable but at least one more fully functional clone was made so yeah, he could be a clone. His memories, artificial or real, reminded him of Juno his love and of how Vader betrayed and stabbed him and so he took on a violent escape across Kamino and taking off in Vader's experimental TIE fighter.

Hey, that's the plot summary done for me! Now onto new stuff!

New Troopers

It just wouldn't be a Star Wars game without a new Stormtrooper variant now would it?

Riot Troopers

Like the name says, they were used to quell riots on unruly Imperial worlds. Trained on Yinchorr, where royal guards train, they were given close quarters combat training and given electro staffs to quickly stun or injure any being that crossed their path. A number were stationed on Kamino, where their lightsaber resistant staffs were useful in controlling Starkiller's clones.

New Droids

Carbonite War Droid

To be honest I think Carbonite is over-used as a weapon. In Empire Strikes Back it seemd to be an experimental thing, but now there seem to be Carbonite guns everywhere before and after the movie.

These war droids were used by the Empire as a defensive measure. Equipped with a large blast shield they could stand against any threat while spraying the area in front of them with Carbonite and freezing anything that tried to get past them. They had no such luck against Starkiller's clone who ripped off their shields and used their weapons against them.

Sith Training Droid

These droids, based on the technology of the holodroid PROXY were used to train Starkiller's clones. They were fully equipped to use lightsabers and could take on any form at will, asking the clone to kill Starkiller's friends and allies, testing whether he was loyal to the Empire or too attached to old memories. The droids were also used as a defensive measure when the facility was attacked.

And that's it - more soon!

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