Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Doctor Who - comedy and Tragedy

Well Doctor Who has returned to British screens at last, I'd been away and was eagerly anticipating watching the new episodes as soon as I returned. When I did I was shocked to see the tribute message to Elisabeth Sladen at the start of the episode. These messages are usually attributed to a remote figure from the show's past, not a current leading star.

Elisabeth, who died from cancer, made a cameo appearance on the show with David Tennant, and her potential was quickly turned into an entire spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures, which didn't pander to old nostalgics, but brought in a whole new generation of Doctor Who fans who eagerly watched the former co-star with no recollection of her previous role. Her show was as exciting and charming as the one from which it was born and the loss of Sarah Jane from our screens will be felt keenly.

Tinged with this sadness is of course excitement for the new series, which is brilliant I must say. I don't know if it's globally available yet, but there may be a few things you might have missed - the first is a Doctor Who Comic relief special, which is a self-contained episode, not a sneak-peak and is official storyline while quite comical too. In it's two parts here is Time:

And also there's the official prequel to the new series, not the first part of the episode, a full prequel, which you may like to see.

And well that's it for now, I'll have more doctor who posts up very soon I'm sure.

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