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Stuff: Star Wars Knight Errant - Aflame

Knight Errant is a great new series for the Star Wars line, set in a brand new era. The series takes place during the New Sith Wars, around about a thousand years before the movies. We know a lot about this story from so0urcebooks and largely due to the popularity of side characters like Kyle Katarn, who first introduced the valley of the Jedi to us and Darth Bane who has spawned a series of novels - but all these events occur at the culmination of the war, a war which lasted decades and spanned the galaxy before turning into a huge groundfight on Ruusaan.

The Sith have carved themselves a huge amount of territory, and are busy squabbling over it as much as pressing the attack on the Republic. the Republic is determined to hold it's ground, but a few Jedi determine to go behind enemy lines and take the battle to the Sith.

New Jedi

Kerra Holt
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Aquilaris
Position: Jedi Knight

Kerra is the hero of the series and she's a really fascinating character. She has been brought up in a time of war and has known conflict with the Sith all her life. It's a really interesting exploration of what the Jedi path means when you've been at war your entire life and the Jedi are called to be front line troops. It's a bit like how the Clone Wars changed the Jedi only over decades instead of years.

Kerra is headstrong and eager to strike at the Sith, but she is also compassionate, while stopping the sith is her main priority in this arc, she is not so blind that she won't stop to save the innocents and her friends along the way. She is also innovative, her one-woman assaults frequently land her in trouble, but her quick thinking gets her out of trouble just as quick! As she battles against the Sith, she begins to learn what a Jedi is, and what real victory is too.

Vannar Treece
Species: human
Sex: male
Position: Jedi Master

Vannar was a wealthy and influential Jedi Master during the New Sith wars who believed in pro-actively attacking the Sith. Early in the war he was involved in the defense of Aquilaris and rescued a young girl called Kerra Holt, taking her to be his apprentice. He eventuall called a number of Jedi to go on a mission to strike at Sith supply lines and increase hostilities between the Sith lords in order to weaken their position. He lead the group to Chelloa and battle Sith Lord Odion but was defeated by him and killed.

Other Jedi

Species: Quarren

Dorvin Eltrom

Species: Cerean


Species: Trandoshan

These and a number of other Jedi went into Sith space with Vanner Treece, but sadly they all perished when Odion activated his Kinetic Corruptor weapon on Chelloa.

Gorlan Palladane
Species: human
Sex: male
Position: former Jedi

Palladane came to Sith space with Vannar Treece, but disagreed about how they should act. Gorlan stayed on Chelloa, believing that helping the people meant more than striking at the Sith. He gained influence and was able to ease the strain on the people serving the Sith and settled on the planet, even marrying and having children, but with reluctance he brought the Jedi to his world, and with regret he brought the sith too. He disagreed with Kerra over her plans to strike back, but got out his lightsaber when they needed to save the people.

New Sith

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Position: Sith Lord

Odion, along with his brother Daiman was born into the Sith ways. As is the way of the Sith he betrayed his master and careved out his own chunk of Sith space, however so did his brother and they became great rivals, attacking each other as much, if not more, than the Jedi. Odion believed the purpose of all things is to die, and made himself an agent of death, planning to bring destruction to all from his mobile platform 'The Spike' using whatever weapon needed.

Species: human
Sex: male
Position: Sith Lord

Daiman controlled a substantial portion of space and had a rather...unique viewpoint on life. He viewed himself as the creator of all things, but being the creator he also gave himself challenges in the form of the Jedi and Odion and vowed to overcome those challenges, whatever the cost to the other beings he created!

Hmm, this is getting long...and late - I'll post the rest soon, that's it for characters anyway!

Oh yeah, and it's a great series, you should check it out!

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