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Blogga's Video Game Diary - 21/7/11

More Mass Effect DLC for you - 'Stolen Memory'. With only doing one pack I hope I can give you a little more detail. If you don't want spoilers - don't read!!


Xbox-Live currently have the latest DLC Arrival at half price so if you're intrigued by Mass Effect and want to know more I'd go for it, especially as this pack does seem to have a strong connection with the upcoming game.

New Stuff

Kasumi Goto
Species: Human (Japanese)
Sex: Female
Occupation: Thief

Kasumi is an additional member to the squad recruitable through this pack, much like Zaeed is vias the Cerberus Network. Cerberus recruits her services for a considerable fee and like all other characters she has some unfinished business before she's fully ready to accompany Shepard on his suicidal mission. She's after her former partner's graybox, a device that can store memories, it not only holds precious secrets, but also precious memories of someone who was more than just a friend. Kasumi is an infiltrator, meaning she can go invisible and sneak on enemies from behind. On the ship, she acts much like Zaeed in that she has a number of dialogue options, things in her room she likes to talk about and comments on missions and crewmembers - especially Jacob, who she has a thing for!

Donovan Hock
Species: Human (South African)
Sex: Male
Ocupation: Criminal

Hock is a wealthy and powerful criminal that not only runs seedy and illegal operations but also firmly believes in what he does, claiming that if it weren't for criminals like him the galaxy wouldn't turn. In his illicit activities he has amassed a private collection of artwork to rival any other. He killed Kasumi's partner and is trying to access the information in his graybox for his own gain.


A graybox is a synthetic device designed to record memories. Originally developed to aid people with Alzheimer's and similar conditions it was eventually banned due to the risk of brain damage if anything went wrong with it. It is still in use however by criminals and thieves.

M-12 Locust

A powerful weapon known as 'the gun that killed two presidents' Hock has the original in his vault and a copy along with schematics to make more.

The Story

Shepard meets Kasumi on the Citadel, at first conversing with her through and advertisment she'd hacked. She agreed to join him and they travelled to Beckenstein, a human colony that trades Alliance goods to the enarby Citadel. They smuggled their armour and weapons into Hock's home, arriving as guests to his party for criminals. Shepard and Kasumi thengo about breaking into his vault, collecting a voice sample, DNA and cutting power to the vault security.

The Vault is the real highlight of the mission, inside are a number or priceless artefacts Hock has got hold of, including Michaelangelo's David, a Prothean statue, ancient artefacts and the Head of the Statue of Liberty!!! After finding the graybox, Kasumi and Shepard battle their way out of the vault, killing Hock in the process.

A neat mission and Kasumi is a fun addition to the team, especially with her flashbang grenade and 'shadow strike' abilities.

More soon!

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