Friday, 22 July 2011

The Wall - June '11

Bit late this month - anyway this is what went up on my wall in June.

1) X-Men: First Class

I think I've already said enough about this movie. I really enjoyed this film and can't wait for the next X-Men flick

2) Star Wars - Jedi: The Dark Side

Another new series from Dark Horse, this follows Qui-Gon and his padawan Xanatos in a time long before the Phantom Menace. I haven't really followed much pre-prequel stuff, much preferring stuff that goes forward or explores a new era like Legacy and Knight Errant. Nonetheless I enjoyed the first issue and am interested to see where it goes.

3) Smallville: Series 10

The final series of Smallville is on the air in the UK (though I'm not convinced having heard that for about 3 series now!!) and this one definitely does seem to be gearing towards making Clark our favourite red and blue hero. Things have moved fast with the introduction of Darkseid as a villain, the return of Supergirl, Clark telling Lois his secret and Green Arrow going public as well as much more. It still has it's silly moments, like Lois becoming the goddess Isis but that's well within the remit of Superman and the series as a whole is moving forward and very enjoyable.

That's it - more next month!!

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