Saturday, 12 November 2011

Doctor Who - New series, new species part 36

Right! I'm going to attempt to cover the latter half of Doctor Who in one fell swoop - there weren't too many new aliens present so it should be too much of a job.


Night Terrors was quite a decent episode, and it did feature Daniel Mays, who's a great actor in some of the best stuff around. The alien capable of projecting weird telepathic thingies is quite a common thing in Who and in some parts of the Universe 'perception filters' seem to be as common as eyeballs. Nonetheless it was an entertaining monster and while the ending was cheesy it was a nice touch to have the father accept his unconventinally adopted son.

Tenza are a species of mimics, capable of infiltrating other races and growing up as part of that species before moving on. Tenza also had powerful psychic powers, able to seamlessly intergrate into a new situations and also project powerful hallucinations when distressed.

Mentioned but not featured are the Apalucians a two-hearted species who built a facility to contain plague victims and inadvertantly trapped Amy Pond in their facility. They had the technology to alter time streams and built a state of the art facility on their homeworld.


Another myth transformed into an alien being - only this one was quite interesting. It was more than just a monster as it fed on faith not just flesh, using fear to force his victims to face their fears so they called on their faith and he replaced it with faith in himself, which he fed on. More interesting was that this minotaur was sick of it's existence and wanted to die but was brought victims to devour by it's holographic prison ship.

The Minotaur is a powerful alien capable of feeding on the faith of other races. They often set themselves up as gods on worlds they visited, devouring the faith of the primitives they conquered. One individual was captured and fed captives aboard a prison ship.

Tivolians (?)

No proper species name for them, despite the fact that we've got a planet. Anyway, I really liked this race of cowardly rodents, portrayed by David Walliams. The cowardice seemed quite cartoonish at first, but the Doctor slowly revealed an aggressive edge to their cowardice as a well honed survival trait.

The natives of Tivoli are a race of Rodent-like humanoids with a reputation of beingf conquered more than any other race. They plan to be as accomodating as possible to any visitng war ships. They fear only species such as the Weeping Angels who mdevour, rather than invade.

And that's it - apart from whatever species this guy is...

Thanks for reading - SJA next!!

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