Monday, 28 November 2011

Star Wars: TOR - The Lost Suns

This is the latest and final 'The Old Republic' (TOR) series before the new game's release this December. While I wasn't overly impressed with the previous TOR series this one did hold my interest all the way through and is worth a read, especially if you're getting the game.

New Jedi

Ngani Zho
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Jedi Master

Ngani Zho was a respected Jedi Master and teacher who after a time training padawans was sent behind enemy lines into Sith space to gather intelligence on what plans the Sith were up to with the territory given them by the Republic due to the Treaty of Coruscant. He decided to help the slaves forced to build weapons for the Empire only to see the Empire test those weapons on the slaves themselves. He lived the life of a hermit, begging and telling stories until he was found by Theron Shan.

Theron Shan
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: SIS Operative

The son of Grand Master Satele Shan was raised and trained by the Jedi, but he was found to have no force abilities within him. He became an operative for the Republic's Strategic Information Services. He was tasked with finding his former teacher Ngani Zho and returning with his knowledge of Sith Space to the Republic.

New Sith

Darth Mekhis
Species: Human (?)
Sex: Female
Occupation: Sith Lord

One of the most powerful Sith Lords, she had been a key oponent of the Jedi all through the war, battling Satele Shan and other leading Jedi and earning a place on the Dark Council. She was a sith alchemist and scientist, developing warped dark side creations to serve the Empire further, even corrupting captured Jedi into cybernetic Sith Knights. She took drastic measures with the territory she claimed, building new and horrific creations for the Emperor.


For reference the black planets are featured in Flashbacks, Rhen Var is where Satele and other Jedi battled Dark Mekhis and Haashimut is where Theron Shan trained under Ngani Zho.


SIS agent Theron Shan is sent to track down Ngani Zho, once a great Jedi master, now a rambling hermit telling war stories for credits. On the way he picks up a Black Sun operative who reluctantly is forced to aid him. They rescue him from Mekhis's Sith Knights and travel to Vesla uncovering the Sith plot, whixh is using a special weapon called a Sun Razer to convert stellar energy into mass to creat Sith superweapons and superior ships. Working together the rag tag crew destroy the Sun Razer, kill Darth Mekhis and escape back to the Republic, though master Zho loses his life in the battle. .

My Two Credits

This is a great Star Wars story with superweapins and a galaxy of flavour to make it interesting. It is still a tie-in to the game franchise, which limits it's interest if you're not going to get the upcoming MMO, but if you're following the news about the game and it's story then this will certainly be of interest. It's a well told story and worth a read most definitely.

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