Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Smallville - From strip to screen, part 3

OK so I'm continuing my run through of existing DC characters who have popped up in this series of Smallville.

Conner Kent/ Superboy

Conner Kent shows up in Series 10 as one of a number of clones created by Lex Luthor to replace him in the event of his death. One of the few successful clones, he was also created from Clark's DNA, giving him some Kyrptonian abilities. He had a chequered story in the series, first beingf rescued by Tess, then running away when Lex's memories took hold of him, being corrupted by Lionel who manipulated him using red kryptonite and finally choosing to side with Clark and accept his guidance. In the comics superboy is also a clone of a very-much living Lex, who created him as a weapon against Superman, also rebelling against Lex he reluctantly accepted the name Superboy and trained with Clark, joining the Teen Titans.

Amos Fortune

Amos Fortune is the unfortunate owner of a club where Clark had his bachelor party, made more interesting by the gift of enchanted champagne donated by Zatanna. The group stole one of his trucks which was involved in a crime then battled him to get Lois's ring back, which she had lost. In the comics Fortune is also a club owner and crime lord that has frequent run-ins with the heroes.

And that's it folks - one more part to go!!!

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