Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Blogga's Video Game Diary - 20/12/11

Yes, it's finally time for another game!! I promised myself that this one would actually be a diary, where I posted updates as I got through the game - well, typically, I've finished the main campaign, though there are a few side quests to keep me occupied for a while longer. I'll try not to spoil too much, but if you want to be completely spoiler free then don't read on.


Well I've just told you where I'm up to, but one thing I've been doing is hunting down Easter Eggs and I thought I'd share those with you because they're easily missed in game.

1) Scarecrow

You don't see the villain in game, but you do find his base (confirming he is alive after Asylum) filled with insects for him to use in his experiments of fear along with one hapless Joker goon.

2) Killer Croc

I missed this guy so make sure you listen our for when to find him, you can only find Croc at a specific point. Apparently Croc is living happily in the sewers under Arkham City.

anyway, on with some...

New Stuff

Real Name: Selina Kyle
Occupation: Proffessional Thief

Catwoman is a great addition to the game as DLC that comes free with every new copy of the game. She has her own storyline that complements the story but isn't essential to it. She has her own set of gadgets, which I'll discuss later, and her own moves. She can also use her whip for travelling around the city, and her claws for crawling upside down on ceilings, which adds a nice bit of variety to the game. She has a run-in with Poison Ivy is locked in her own battle with our next new character...

Two Face
Real Name: Harvey Dent
Occupation: Former DA, now proffessional criminal

It was great to see a wider cast of villains in the new game. Dent is the first villain to appear, locked in a battle of wits with Catwoman, who starts the game breaking into his vault to steal a memory card containing vital data. She is captured by Two Face and tried and about to be executed when Batman arrives on the scene and defeats him. He is a powerful figure in Arkham City, having claimed territory from Calendar Man and other villains. His gang wear suits and masks that have been burned on one side to match him. He escapes Batman later on and sets a trap for Catwoman, bombing her apartment and stealing all her possessions. Though she defeated him he left one final insult, instead of keeping her loot he dispersed it among his goons, forcing Catwoman to scour the city to get it back.

New Gadgets

Well I'll stick with Catwoman's gadgets for this post, but of course Batman has plenty of new toys in this game.


It wouldn't be Catwoman if it wasn't for her trademark whip. She can use it in a number of ways, tripping enemies up, sweeping around to stun all nearby enemies or disarming an individual guard. She also uses it as an equivalent to the batclaw for swinging between buildings and pulling guards off ledges etc.


These high speed throwing weapons can be used to knock down enemies at range as well as being used in close combat.


These spiky little gadgets are dropped on the floor causing goons to injure their feet and fall down, very handy in close quarters combat as it can incapacitate a number of goons, reducing the number of enemies you have to fight at once.

And that's it, if you haven't gotten this game yet, I'd really recommend it, it's still keeping me occupied and it hasn't gotten the slightest bit boring!

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