Thursday, 29 December 2011

Blogga's Wall - November '11

Well it's been a while but here's what I stuck up on my wall in the month of November this year.

1) Arkham City

Well I'm posting about this in my video game diary with more to come soon (one of these days I will blog about a video gams AS I play it, hasn't happened yet though!) This game is fantastically varied and the side quests have much more meaning to them this time, giving access to secrets of Arkham City and helping Batman save the victims of the Riddler as well as take down villains liks Zsasz and Deadshot - anyway, more on that later. A great game!

2) The Sounds of Star Wars

I don't much go for 'behind the scenes' stuff with Sci-Fi, I prefer to live in the fantasy rather than know about how it's made, but this book I just had to go for. I've always been fascinated by the rich array of sounds in Star Wars and to know how they are made is just fascinating. I'm still amaxed, reading through the pages as to how they created the iconic sounds we hear, and how so many of them came by Ben Burtt just accidentally creating a sound and recording it. Even better this book has an audio feature meaning you can listen to the sounds that you see described. Best book I've bought in a while!

3) Star Wars: Choices of One

It's great to see Tim Zahn back on form (not that he was ever off-form, just he's still know what I mean!) with a new Star Wars novel. Set between Episodes 4 and 5 it sees the Rebels hunting for a new base of operations and striking a deal with a remote Imperial world only to be drawn into a plot controlled by a rogue warlord from the Unknown regions. Featuring key roles from Mara Jade, Thrawn, Pellaeon and the Hand of Judgement (featured in his last book 'Allegiance') this is a gripping read and is a key insight into the transition of the Rebellion after A New Hope.

And that's me, more soon!

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