Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Doctor Who - New series, new species part 39

So the Doctor is back on our screens and there are a few new exciting life forms for us to discover on his travels. As ever if you want more detailed discussion of the episodes themselves as well as Who in general I'll leave you in the expert hands of the Impossible Podcast team, who you can link to by clicking the sidebar.

Dalek Puppets

I'm not 100% sure about the term, but the Tardis wiki people use it and as I'm stealing this image from them I guess it'll work fine!! I liked this twist of the Daleks converting people into sleeper agents against their will and I even thought the Dalek probes coming out of their heads was a good idea. The only thing I didn't quite like was that the agent had too much personality when in Dalek mode, casually laughing about how they used her memories jarred a little and would have been better delivered devoid of emotion - the Alaska  crewers did a better job, starting confused and turning into scary Dalek mode.

And as for Oswin that was just tragic!

In the second episode we got a load of dinosaurs and a vaguely humanish guy plus a Silurian or two but nothing that could really classify as a new species - I did like the premise though, it remided me of Planetary stories - plus we did get a cool spaceship out of it!!

Silurian Ark Ship


In this Western style episode the production team went down the Star Trek alien route featuring the 'basically human with a strange marking on the face' species type that so often encountered the Enterprise. This species seem to all feature distinctive green markings on their face, but on outward appearance are all basically human. However I suppose it did make sense for him to be more easily accepted by the townsfolk if he did basically look human.

The Kahler were a very technologically advanced race capable of building incredible forms of technology. At some point in their history they became embroiled in a catastrophic war that lead to the creation of cyborgs, mutilated beings that served to overpower their enemies. However, the cyborgs then turned on their masters and hunted down the men that made them into monsters.

More soon, probably Mass Effect

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