Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mass Effect 3: Utukku

More Mass Effect 3 - here's the vid.

Here are the War Assets from this mission

* The following are War Assets gained on Utukke and the surrounding systems

Grunt (He is recovering from the mission but eager to get back into action!)

Aralakh Company (Due to the events of the mission most of Aralakh company was wiped out, reducing their effective strength)

Rachni Workers (The Rachni Queen sent skilled Rachni workers to assist building the Crucible - not quite the Rachni fleet I'd been hoping for but it was cool to see them nonetheless)

One of the Krogan squad sent to Utukke was Char, the Krogan who was reciting poetry to his love on Illium - later Shepard has the sad task of delivering his final love sonnet to his wife on the Citadel. 

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